Kenya's Crypsense Digital Group Qualifies for Draper VeChain Web 3 Accelerator Programme

Kenya's Crypsense Digital Group Qualifies for Draper VeChain Web 3 Accelerator Programme

Kenya-based digital asset development and management platform, Crypsense Digital Group, has been selected for the Draper VeChain Web 3 Accelerator Programme, with an opportunity for mentorship and assistance.

Crysense Digital Group is a contrivance of the Africa Blockchain Centre, a startup at the Adanian Labs, one of the venture studios established to build and accelerate about Three Hundred tech-enabled and driven startups across the African continent.

As a crypto asset and virtual assets capacity building and management platform, Crypsense provides an edge-to-edge solution for digital assets across Africa. The startup is actively engaged in Capacity building, Asset Financing, Asset Management, and Custodial Solutions and is an Accelerator Launchpad to assist crypto and blockchain startups across the continent.

The Draper VeChain Web 3 Accelerator Programme is designed to last for twelve weeks and will be delivered globally to flourishing blockchain companies.

The programme is run by Draper University, a dominant incubator and pre-accelerator in Silicon Valley that enables the growth and potential of tech startups. Founded by Timothy Cook Draper, a prominent venture capital investor in the technology ecosystem. Timothy is said to have invested in companies like Baidu, Coinbase, Space X, Skype, Twitter, and many more.

The accelerator programme will provide indispensable support for startups in the blockchain and the Web 3 space. This will enable the startups to get the mentorship and guidance they need to increase their impactful solutions internationally.

To qualify for the selection, the Crypsense team jointly presented with other fifteen fast-developing startups in the same sector to a panel of expert judges.

According to Alice Anangi, co-founder and CEO of Crypsense Digital Group, “This is an amazing opportunity to accelerate Web 3 adoption in Africa through the programme and partnerships. We have so much untapped talent and potential within our continent in blockchain and Web 3. I am excited for Africa and I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes us.”

She further said. “We understand the potential that blockchain has in solving some of the challenges that are facing Africa and we believe that we can use our disruptive nature as a continent to create value for ourselves through the adoption of the technology.”