Kwik Delivery Launches E-commerce Platform Kwikstore

Kwik Delivery Launches E-commerce Platform Kwikstore

Kwik delivery has decided to expand its services as it ventures into the growing e-commerce industry by launching the Kwik store. This is an initiative that is intended to enable and empower vendors.

The Kwik Store will provide a free e-commerce retail store solution that will enable African entrepreneurs, vendors, business owners,  merchants, and SMEs, to develop their online store swiftly within 5 mins without background technical knowledge, therefore operating their business through their smartphones.

Kwikstore also allows social media (sm) vendors on social media link their personalized Kiwikstore to their sm accounts; they can likewise automate sales, invent management and delivery processes, and secure customer vendor fulfillment. This feature lets the entrepreneur focus more on the sales and marketing of their businesses. Furthermore, the store is free, so users do not have to make any down payment or service charge; they are only required to pay the basic gateway fees.

Launched in 2018 by Olivier Decrock, Romain Poirot-Lellig,  and Yinka Olayanju, Kwik was established to give users access to a disruptive online service to African merchants through logistics payments and fulfillment.

In reports, the Co-founder of Kwik, Romain Poirot-Lellig, stated, “KwikStore is a milestone in establishing Kwik as the one-stop shop for African merchants to run and grow their business from their smartphone.”

He reiterated, “We will continue to expand our offer of innovative digital services focused on enabling African merchants to grow their business with all the benefits that technology brings.”

Kwikstore allows merchants to customize their retail store fully, providing access to individual brand identity and branding, swift purchase and delivery, or customer pick-up process.

To access the Kwikstore, users must have a Kwik account that can be used separately from the Kwik Delivery platform. This enables vendors and merchants to decide if they want to use the Kwik delivery platform or not after a purchase has been made on their product or service. Likewise sell their products in places Kiwik delivery does not cover.

This initiative joins an array of e-commerce platforms Africans can access to promote and increase their product sales and market presence.