Last-mile Delivery Startup FlexDELIVERY launches in Nigeria

Last-mile Delivery Startup FlexDELIVERY launches in Nigeria

P&O Maritime Logistics and IO Materials Services (IOMS) have announced the launch of local offshore delivery startup ‘FlexDELIVERY’ in Nigeria.

FlexDELIVERY has been launched to provide integrated last-mile delivery services to the offshore energy industry in Nigeria.

According to the founders, FlexDELIVERY will reduce the traditionally high cost of shore base startup, including the cost of rentals and vessel time-chartered contracts.

The startups will also aim to reduce delivery times, and enhance the general supply chain for Nigerian businesses.

Martin Helweg, CEO at P&O Maritime Logistics speaking said that the gap in the Nigerian market prompted the need for FlexDELIVERY in the country.

“Following the success of our Supply on Demand service, we saw a gap in the Nigerian market, spotting that the country’s offshore supply market was ripe for the revolutionary FlexDELIVERY™ system that brings efficiency and value to our customers.

“With the continued expansion of our innovative service in partnership with IOMS, we’re bringing a step change to the offshore supply industry and aligning our service to be in sync with our customers’ needs: reduced delivery times, visibility and predictability,” said Martin.

Christian Arndt, VP Logistics at P&O Maritime Logistics also added that the launch in Nigeria proves smart solutions can generate efficiency and lower cost for businesses.

“By launching in Nigeria, P&O Maritime Logistics is showing the industry that smart solutions can generate efficiency gain and lower production costs. Customers will see reduced equipment, inventory carrying, and supply chain costs while boosting productivity.

“With ‘FlexDELIVERY’ offshore operators will gain back time to focus on core business activities. We are looking forward to presenting our FlexDELIVERY™ innovation to existing and future clients” Christian said.