Limited Free Data For MTN Customers In Zambia During COVID-19 Pandemic.

Limited Free Data For MTN Customers In Zambia During COVID-19 Pandemic.

The coronavirus, which has set the whole world unstable, has made a lot of individuals as well as companies to come out to help fight the coronavirus in one way or the other. Is either they are donating cash, or helping the nation in kind. In the situation involving MTN Zambia, the telco company has agreed to partner with opera mini to provide its customers up to 50mb free browsing on the opera news.

According to MTN, how the coronavirus has brought the lives of individuals to stand still calls for help and this is another way of helping the people of Zambia.

The situation has made most countries impose a lockdown order which led to people being forced to stay at home. MTN believes that this help from them in terms of expenditure for data will make time spent at home quite easier. It will also go a long way to help the people of Zambia to get access to all the important information that will be needed to stay safe from the coronavirus as they will get the privilege to access the net.

Also, an official statement from the company stated that they are proud of the collaboration, and will make sure that MTN Zambia customers will be given the freedom to browse through opera mini and opera news for up to 50mb daily.

“We are proud of this innovative collaboration which is the first of its kind in Zambia and will entail that MTN Zambia customers have the freedom to browse content through Opera Mini and Opera News for up to 50MB daily.”

They also added that the customers of MTN in Zambia will have the advantage to spend more time accessing the website without having to worry much about data.“MTN Zambia customers will now be able to spend more time accessing their favorite websites without worrying about running out of data.”

The limited free data from MTN to its customers will only cover browsing and one will have to bear the cost of videos and file streaming. For files and videos, the normal data charges will be applied. The data capabilities can also be made effective in both opera mini and opera news to expand your browsing chances. Users will have to make it possible to have the opera mini and news apps on their phones to be able to enjoy the offer