Liquid Intelligent Technologies Completes Acquisition of Telrad

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Completes Acquisition of Telrad

Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a unit of Cassava Technologies (Cassava), a leading provider of technological infrastructure and services in Africa, today announced the completion of its 100% acquisition and delisting of Telrad, an Israeli technology company.

Telrad offers top-notch technological goods and services to governments and businesses around the world, and it has a sizable presence in 13 nations in the Middle East, South America, the United States, and Eastern Europe. The business provides cutting-edge technological solutions in the areas of geoinformatics, networking, cloud infrastructure, information technology, and cybersecurity.

Telrad’s CEO, Mr. Moti Elmaliach, stated that the company has a long history of innovation and an extraordinarily successful track record. He remarked that Telrad was eager to work together, combining Liquid’s resources and Telrad’s expertise across the whole technology value chain.

“Telrad has an incredibly strong track record of success and a rich history of innovation. We are excited to join forces and to leverage Telrad’s expertise across the full technology value chain along with that of Liquid and the wider Cassava group.”

Elmaliach declared that this was an exciting development for Telrad and a chance for the company to innovate and experience exponential growth in the Israeli and global markets.

Israeli-based Telrad is one of the world’s top technological firms. To provide a full end-to-end solution, the company partners with exceptional vendors in addition to using a combination of exceptional internally produced products including wireless communication, IT & Infrastructure, and BPO & Geoinformatics. Telrad has strong and long standing partnerships with top tier global businesses and governments.

About Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Cassava Technologies, a Pan-African technology company with operations in over 20 countries, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, owns Liquid Intelligent Technologies. With a vast fiber broadband network spanning more than 100,000 km, Liquid has solidly established itself as the top provider of Pan-African digital infrastructure.

Through strategic alliances with top international players, Liquid Intelligent Technologies is also utilizing its digital network to offer Cloud and Cyber Security solutions. A complete provider of technological solutions, Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers specialized digital services to SMEs, public sector organizations, and other businesses across the continent.

With its distinctive ecosystem of intelligent technologies, Liquid provides mobile carriers companies with colocation, cloud, cybersecurity, high-speed and reliable cross-border connectivity, and digital services. Liquid provides both local and regional connectivity thanks to its 100 000 km totally owned, open access fiber network. A huge network of subsea cables that complement Liquid’s global connection footprint is added to the terrestrial infrastructure.

Speaking on Telrad’s acquisition, Nic Rudnick, deputy chairman of Liquid Intelligent Technologies stated that the two businesses will work well together because they both have excellent experience in their respective fields. This will help them establish a global footprint.

“We look forward to the seamless integration of Liquid’s existing portfolio of solutions with Telrad’s strong R&D programme and solutions in cyber security, data centres and wireless access technology. Liquid and Telrad share similar ideologies of empowering customers through cost-effective connectivity and technology solutions. Together we will continue to digitally transform businesses globally,” Rudnick said.