Little Logistics Announces Multiple Partnerships

Little Logistics Announces Multiple Partnerships

Little, Kenya’s tech startup that operates Little Cabs, logistics, and even e-bikes, has announced a partnership with  Foodplus, Carrefour, Naivas, BeyondDeals, and Bulkbox on its logistics vertical to aid their deliveries.

The partnership is especially timely given the abundance of Black Friday deals. Customers who shop with the aforementioned companies will have their purchases delivered to them without having to overcome logistical challenges.

Little operates one of the most popular e-cab services and has been appealing to driver partners due to its low commission (at 15 percent) in a market where others were charging 20 to 25 percent.

It has also spun off other services, including logistics and e-bikes. The e-bikes are being tested in Nairobi’s higher education institutions, but there is no word on when they will be commercially available.

Speaking on the partnership, Kamal Budhabhatti, CEO of Little said “I am kind of loving this. Internally, there is fierce and healthy competition between enterprise ride-hailing and Little Logistics.”


It comes as no surprise that Little is expanding its logistics business. In the second quarter of 2022, the company launched this service. It moreover follows the same business model that other e-cab companies have previously explored because the companies recognize that there is a need for logistical services and that any organization that does it correctly gains ground in being a go-to option for customers.

Logistics have also been a challenge for many companies, including Sendy, which recently reduced its workforce and ceased supply services. Others, on the other hand, are gaining ground, such as Glovo, which recently expanded its fulfillment centers.

Uber and Bolt, Little’s competitors, have nearly identical products, Uber Eats and Bolt Food, which use their networks to deliver food to their customers.