Little Tech Things: 5 Christmas Gift Gadgets For All

Little Tech Things: 5 Christmas Gift Gadgets For All

There’s a feeling that comes with the Christmas season. The change in the atmosphere, the Christmas songs, the bright red caps and the smile on people’s faces just makes it all comfy.

Along with the Christmas feeling comes the need to share the joy with family and friends. Gifting someone special with something thoughtful is part of the Christmas experience. So what else to give if not something techy?

When people say “tech is now a lifestyle” there is no joke there. Technology is now part of the human affair, there are one or two tech tools in each household.

Be it for communication (mobile phones) or tidying up (vacuums) inventors have constantly found ways to make life easier with technology. So in the spirit of giving and joy, here are little tech gifts to give this season.

Christmas Gadget Gifts

1) Smart notebook and pen:

smart notebooks for christmas

If you are gifting a scribbler, writer, creative or someone who loves to pen things down, this is the gift. The smart notebook is usually reusable, as it is designed to be an eco-friendly tech tool. The idea of this gadget is to have a physical notebook that has smart features.

It is intertwined with technology. As a day-to-day type of tool, various brands have come up with their kind of smart notebooks. Each brand creates notebooks with different features such as colours, smartpens, book pages, special page templates, and different book covers.

Smart Notebooks are quite interesting.  In other to have maximum smart experiences, the device usually connects with a mobile application. The app lets users connect and share contents from the smart notebook to their mobile phones.

This is a gift for everyone. Price range is based on brands and features, search popular online and physical stores to purchase.

2) Smart Watches

smartwatches for christmas

Yes, Smartwatches. This lifestyle gadget is now a trend, yet not everyone has it. This is a device for anyone interested in keeping track of other activities while busy. This is a must-have gadget. The smartwatch was first invested in 1994. New and improved brands launched in 2004 by Microsoft.

Someone who likes to keep track of his/her health/fitness, receive instant notifications and answer calls immediately will love this device. Smartwatches can now connect to a different OS. The flexibility of connection makes it accessible to all.

Users can also enjoy different band colours and screen personalisation based on device brand. This a worthy gift. Check various online and physical stores to make sure purchased watches have desired features.

3) Earbuds:

earbuds for chirstmas

This gift is for music lovers. Sometimes the little things make all the difference.  In 2015 a significant change hit the tech and music industry as the first wireless earbuds launched.  In 2016 the Airpods (Iphone’s version) launched. Fast forward to 2022. There are now various brands of earbuds.  The connection flexibility makes it easier to connect to various mobile devices.

The wireless Earbuds are designed to have a microphone attached, touch sensors to pause or play music and cord elimination. Music lovers will love an Earbud gift, its Tech meets art. The device is available at any popular online and physical store.

4) Portable Printer:

ivy printer for christmas

A portable printer is not a common gift. This is specifically for someone interested in photography or who just loves to capture the moment. Although smartphone now makes taking pictures easy, storing them in the phone takes up space. With a portable printer, one can instantly print out recent pictures.

The portable printer stands out.  The unique gift has various features, such as being handy in size, it is considerably affordable and also wireless.

To purchase this device, it is important to visit popular online or physical stores. There are possibilities that mini stores might not have them in stock

5) Wireless Charger:

chargers for Christmas

Whether a tidy person or someone clumsy, picking a gift for someone is quite tricky. If the gifted has multiple gadgets then a Wireless charger is the “gift”. This device eliminates the need for multiple cords, while charging takes place from a single source.

With a wireless charger, all the user has to do is place the device on the charging pad. The charging pad can charge phones of different OS, charging ports and even power banks.

The device ensures that there’s less wire clutter, preserves battery life, prevents wear and tear, avoids overheating and many more.  The gadget can be purchased at various online and physical stores.

The listed items are perfect for day-to-day activities. Each of the items guarantees an easier lifestyle through technology, what other way to commence a new year than with a device that gives less stress?