Make-IT in Africa announces winners of ‘Partners in Acceleration – Challenge Fund for Innovation Hubs.’

Make-IT in Africa announces winners of ‘Partners in Acceleration – Challenge Fund for Innovation Hubs.’

Make-IT in Africa has announced the winners of the ‘Partners in Acceleration – Challenge Fund for Innovation Hubs’.

Accelerators that emerged winners are Innohub Foundation (Ghana), iBizAfrica Strathmore University & Pangea Accelerator (Kenya), Centre for Values in Leader & Greenhouse Capital (Nigeria), and BPN Rwanda & BAG Innovation (Rwanda) have won between 50,000 and 100,000 Euro to implement innovative programs.

The challenge fund for innovation hubs aims to support the development of new approaches to empower digital start-ups in an innovative and impactful way.

The challenge fund was in search of programs that are offered by partners from different backgrounds.

Also, participants were asked to present approaches that can be implemented under the current restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The program was launched in January and the selection process was done in collaboration with Endeva and VC4A.

The program which will be held by each winner are as follows:

  • Innohub Foundation will implement a 3-month agric tech investment readiness accelerator with tailored support and post-program investment matching with identified investors. The target group are 10 youth-led digital agritech Startups from Ghana; Wangara Green Ventures, Accra Angels Network, and ABSA are investment partners of the program.
  • @iBizAfrica Strathmore University & Pangea Accelerator will implement a Women and Youth Agritech Acceleration Programme for 10 entrepreneurs between 18 and 35 years in Kenya. The program aims at increasing business growth in Agri-tech through supporting the adoption of innovations that can increase food security. The proposed approach has three core components which are adaptive learning, accelerated transformation through coaching and mentoring, and attracting investment.
  • Centre for Values in Leader & Greenhouse Capital will implement a 3-month leadership-focused accelerator program that supports 10 female-led and female-focused growth-stage African fintech companies. The program will not only produce companies that are ready to grow but also train founders on how to effectively lead their companies through the growth process and attract the resources necessary to do so.
  • BPN Rwanda& BAG Innovation: The LOOP Acceleration Rwanda aims to amplify the growth of 10-15 high potential education start-ups with founders between 18-25 years. The Business Professional Network (BPN) has a vast network of seasoned entrepreneurs and businesses that will play an important role in connecting the young founders with experienced mentors. BAG Innovation is responsible for the training delivery of the LOOP Acceleration program and the facilitation of the entire project.

The mission of Make-IT in Africa is to support the growth of an enabling environment for young entrepreneurs in the digital sector in order to facilitate better access to finance, markets, and skills.