Mastercard Expands Advisors Client Services Hub in Egypt to Support the Region’s Digital Transformation

Mastercard Expands Advisors Client Services Hub in Egypt to Support the Region’s Digital Transformation

Mastercard, a global payments technology company, has announced the expansion of its Advisors Client Services Hub from Egypt to serve regional and global markets. The expert team facilitates innovative financial and payment solutions spanning cutting-edge financial trends such as Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL), open banking, cybersecurity, and data monetization, to establish Egypt as a regional financial hub that attracts strategic investments.

This is consistent with Mastercard’s long-standing commitment to driving innovation across the Egyptian payments landscape and beyond, building on the company’s decade-long presence in driving digital transformation in the market.

Also, Mastercard’s Advisors Client Services team assists clients with payment strategies and innovative solutions to help them grow their businesses by providing real-time data, analysis, consulting, and marketing solutions.

Commenting on the development, Adam Jones, Country General Manager, MENA Central said “At Mastercard, we are passionate about helping our customers grow their businesses by supporting them with superior and innovative payment solutions. We are well positioned to serve our clients all over the world as our highly talented team of experts grows. Mastercard is committed to investing in local talent to solve and evolve Egypt’s and the region’s ecosystems to drive growth and inclusion for all.”

Mastercard’s Advisors Client Services Hub Composition

Mastercard’s Advisors Client Services Hub has grown from six of the best local talent in 2019 to over 60 experts in three years, with plans to expand further in the next two years. The payment company is dedicated to accelerating the country’s growth and creating opportunities for the Egyptian workforce by combining in-depth knowledge of the local market with a global mindset. This move highlights the company’s investments in local talent in all the markets it serves and its people-first business approach.

Mastercard’s Advisors Client Services Hub in Egypt is made up of a diverse team of talent, with women taking on leadership roles that account for 55% of the total size of the team, as part of the technology company’s commitment to women empowerment and driving gender parity.

Beyond the MENA region, Mastercard ACS Hub will collaborate with global executives to share know-how and expertise to provide best-in-class services to clients in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Mastercard Advisors Client Services Hub has completed over 200 engagements in less than two years as a result of such efforts, demonstrating its impact and influence.