MEST Selects 6 Ghanaian startups for Its 3rd Acceleration Program

MEST Selects 6 Ghanaian startups for Its 3rd Acceleration Program

Six Ghanaian startups have been selected by The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), the startups were selected to be part of the 2022 MEST Express Accelerator experience.

The selected startups include Africa Goodnest, Digital Health Access, Fluid Finance, Shaq Express, Sommalife,  and Tiny Reusers.

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), is an acceleration program that is intent on providing investment-ready assistance to growth stage and early startups in West Africa’s Ghana.

The program provides practical business intervention, with the aim of swift hands-on application and noticeable business growth through revenue. MEST works hand-in-hand with startup founders making sure that their innovations are positioned for impact, opportunities and growth.

The 20 weeks of the practical professional-taught workshop provide mentorship for startups during each cohort. The startups are also given the opportunity to engage in the program pitching session in which well-performed startups will receive equity-free grants.

The acceleration program which began in 2020 has the partnership of Mastercard known to about 50 startups with One hundred Thousand US dollars ($1000K) yearly, its beneficiaries include Digistore, Motito, PayBox, Treepz, Swoove, and Yom Yom.

“The latest cohort is focused on empowering startups in Ghana that provide solutions that use technology to drive transformational change to create a more sustainable future for all,” this is according to MEST’s website.

The 2022 cohort consists of six Ghanaian startups in different fields of the tech ecosystem, solving challenges revolving around Agriculture, E-commerce, Health and Logistics sectors.

Africa Goodnest

This is a logistics and e-commerce platform that helps to convert the mode users discover and purchase quality agricultural products within the beverage, food, herbs, and personal care space from Africa.

Digital Health Access

Digital Health Access functions as an all-inclusive health consultation and educational platform, that links health service providers and professionals to users thereby supporting and equipping healthcare professionals with electronic-enabled medical records tools to handle patient documentation and records.

Fluid Finance

This Startup eqquips financial institutions and banks to be able to fund low-income agriculturalists and farmers on a small scale. While discussing their operations and vision, Moustapha Seck, CEO of Fluid Finance stated,  “Our breakthrough offline technology enables farmers to access digital financial identities, cashless credits, and educational content to increase crop yield and financial literacy. At the end of the program, we want to facilitate access to 250,000 farmers.”

Shaq Express

Shaq Express is an indigenous courier and e-commerce platform founded with the intent to focus fully on providing a comfortable digital lifestyle that has the ability to link vendors to consumers which provides a logistical support system for consumers and users, this is achieved via the swift movement of packages from one point to another.


The Sommalife platform gives women access to gender-like groups and resources for shea-producing societies, so they can produce in high quantity and quality and also penetrate the international market.

Tiny Reusers

Tiny Reusers targets environmental challenges around the globe, likewise the unemployment crisis in Ghana, via their e-commerce platform. The platform accommodates sales of everything that concerns children and maternity items.

An ex-beneficiary of the accelerator, co-founder of Swoove, Kwaku Tabiri stated, “before the program, we had been bootstrapping on our own for three years. We applied to the program to gain funding, become part of a community of entrepreneurs as well as acquire knowledge and experience on how to build a startup, and we gained all three.”