Meta XR Exhibition Features Nigerian, Kenyan And Mauritius Among 6 winners

Meta XR Exhibition Features  Nigerian, Kenyan And Mauritius Among  6 winners

Meta has revealed its exclusive XR exhibition which featured Six finalists from the programme it dubbed “Future Africa: Telling Stories, Building Worlds.” The programme was targeted at supporting creators in Africa especially the next generation of XR (Extended Reality) creators.

The program which was developed with the partnership of Africa no Filter, Imisi 3D, and Electric South, is part of Meta’s XR research investment and programs Meta has for XR talents across the continent.

The finalists came up with an array of digitally integrated works which also exhibited Africa’s culture and roots across different media mediums. This included 360 videos, Mixed Reality, and AR/VR.

While the program sorts out ways participants can use technology in the narration of their stories, it also targeted telling immersive, compelling, and contemporary stories.

Although the event had 6 winners, here are winners from Nigeria Mauritius and Kenya.

Malik Afegbua, Nigeria

Malik presented his project, “Moving Between” with the use of 360-degree video, the type of video recording that allows all sides/directions of a scene to be recorded at once. Using an Omnidirectional shot, Malik presented a documentary that depicted the reality and virtual heritage of the Kofar Mata dye pit. this is one of the cultural and historical locations in Kano Nigeria.

The Nigerian also used a 3D virtual reality technology in his 5mins immersive African history narration.

Nirma Madhoo, Mauritius
nirma 22 1

Nirma is an XR creator and Fashion Filmmaker, through her expertise, she created a 360 fashion film. Making use of Photogrmmatry and volumetric capture, she developed a visual tribute to the indigenous astrologers of Southern Africa.

Her presentation at Meta, is meant to celebrate an array of disseminated diasporic African identities via the Noirwave fashion presentation set.

Michelle Angawa, Kenya

Being an XR creator and film director, Michelle created the 360 fiction fill titled “1000 Shilling in Nairobi.” The technology-enhanced short film is a tragicomedy which depicted a day in a Nairobian Boda rider’s life.

While speaking at the event, Meta’s Public Policy Programs Director for Turkey, Africa, and the Middle East, Sherry Dzinoreva, said, “As the next phase of this programme, we’re delighted to be unveiling this specially curated exhibition featuring the work of six talented creators from across the continent, all of whom have created beautiful, thought-provoking African stories and experiences using immersive technology.