Microsoft Azure Partner Oracle for New Oracle Interconnect Multicloud in South Africa

Microsoft Azure Partner Oracle for New Oracle Interconnect Multicloud in South Africa

To provide direct connectivity between the Oracle Cloud Johannesburg area and the Microsoft Azure South Africa North region, Oracle has announced the creation of a new Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure site in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Customers in Africa can now use the Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure thanks to the most recent Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure. Customers may simply combine workloads on Azure with Oracle Database services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure thanks to this Oracle solution, which expands on the fundamental features of Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure (OCI). Enterprise-grade Oracle Database services are also easily provisioned, accessed, and monitored by customers under OCI.

Oracle and Microsoft have been working together to provide 12 Oracle Interconnect locations for Microsoft Azure around the world since 2019. These locations include San Jose, Phoenix, Ashburn, Toronto, Vinhedo, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, and Johannesburg. To execute their mission-critical applications, these sites give customers access to many clouds. Customers utilizing Oracle Autonomous Database on OCI, as an illustration, can connect to Azure analytics tools and AI applications without replicating data. Additionally, customers can link Oracle E-Business Suite with Azure or OCI to operate the software as part of a single solution.

According to Nick Redshaw, senior vice president, Technology Cloud, Middle East and Africa, Oracle, the company looks forward to helping Microsoft Azure customers migrate their workloads to the cloud, while giving them seamless access to Oracle Database services on OCI.

According to Colin Erasmus, COO of Microsoft South Africa, Microsoft and Oracle have a long history of providing excellence on behalf of our shared clients and addressing their changing needs. He believes that clients in the area may take advantage of the decision to implement multicloud solutions.

What Oracle Interconnect Multicloud Offers Africa

Customers in Africa may move and execute mission-critical enterprise workloads across their Azure and OCI environments with Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure thanks to a private, dedicated low-latency connection and identity federation. A collaborative, all-inclusive service support concept is also provided to customers. There are no extra fees for bandwidth used; pricing is port-based.

The Multicloud service can further connect elements of one or more applications that need frequent communication using the Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, running some components on OCI and others on Azure, to get the “best of both clouds” experience. For single sign-on to the two clouds and the corresponding applications, they can also use OCI Identity and Access Management or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

The Cloud Adoption Frameworks for OCI and Azure have architectures that customers can use to create high availability architectures within the regions and disaster recovery capabilities with another pair of connected regions. According to Mark Walker, associate vice president of cloud computing at a global cloud provider, enterprises can now rely on the cloud as a core technology to upgrade its vital IT infrastructure and take advantage of cutting-edge innovations like AI/ML, analytics, IoT, security, and automation.

“Because our platform was developed on the Microsoft .NET Framework and runs on Oracle Database, Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure provides us with the best of both clouds. As Soho Media operates internationally, the fact that Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure continues to rapidly expand into new regions allows us to accompany our customers wherever they are. The low latency connectivity of the interconnect helps ensure our platform runs seamlessly, better serving customers across the globe,” said Guillaume Delannoy, CEO, Soho Media Solutions.