Microsoft teams up 1000 Women Trust, TEARS Foundation to launch Safe@Home Hackathon.

Microsoft teams up 1000 Women Trust, TEARS Foundation to launch Safe@Home Hackathon.

Microsoft South Africa has teamed up with 1000 Women Trust and TEARS Foundation, to launch the Safe@Home Hackathon.

The hackathon aims to address gender-based violence in South Africa.

The Safe@Home Hackathon will provide a platform where technology-based solutions can be developed by South African developer community to aid victims of gender based violence which includes vulnerable women and children.

Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa, Lillian Barnard said, “Gender-based violence is one of the most pressing and critical challenges South Africa faces: President Cyril Ramaphosa identified it as the second pandemic our country is currently battling and a war that is being waged against our women and children, with over 40% of South African women experiencing sexual and/or physical interpersonal violence in their lifetime.”

A research conducted by the World Health Organisation found that 42 per cent of females between 13 and 23 in the country reported experiencing physical dating violence. The incidence of unreported violence is much higher and growing worse.

Founder of 1000 Women, Tina Thiart stated, “Violence against women and children is escalating under the current circumstances, with many South Africans confined to their homes. This indicates a clear need to take action to address gender-based violence in South Africa.”

The virtual hackathon will start from 22 September to 19 October.

“Our goal is to find real, sustainable solutions to help South Africa’s most vulnerable and at-risk.  Ensuring that we are able to build these kinds of fit-for-purpose technology-based solutions will require partnerships with developers, NGOs in the gender-based violence space like TEARS Foundation and 1000 Women, government, corporate South Africa and other technology players,” says Barnard.

“Together, we will provide the support needed as we call on developers across the country to come together, understand the issues surrounding gender-based violence, and create and develop technology-based solutions that can help save lives.”

Interested developers can join the hackathon here.