Moroccan Real Estate Valuation Startup, Agenz, Secures $540k Seed Funding

Moroccan Real Estate Valuation Startup, Agenz, Secures $540k Seed Funding

Moroccan property valuation startup, Agenz, has raised $540K in a seed funding round less than a year after its launch to accelerate the rollout of Agenz across the country. This funding came from Azur Innovation Partners.

AGENZ is a Casablanca-based startup launched by brothers, Malik Belkeziz and Badr Belkeziz to create the most precise real estate appraisal and analysis tools on the market using its team of engineers, statisticians, and data scientists in Morocco.

The site allows each individual to value their property for free, learn about local prices and offers, and select the most appropriate real estate firm for their project based on objective criteria (zone of activity, sales history, etc.).

Agenz is part of the Lessors of Real Estate Industry and currently has 1 total employee across all of its locations, generating $329 in sales.

Malik Belkeziz, co-founder of Agenz speaking outlined the efficiencies of to both buyers and sellers in the real estate sector.

“The site and the functionalities accessible from were created to help users streamline the real estate transaction process: on the one hand, by providing market transparency to each project leader, whether seller-buyer or tenant, and on the other hand, by assisting professionals in effectively promoting their expertise and prospects,” says Malik. will be introduced across the country in the coming weeks after a successful debut in Casablanca, with over 20,000 estimates made in just a few months, high traffic growth, and market benchmark partners.
The startup will introduce more extensive digital market analysis and property assessment solutions for professionals in the start of 2022.