Moroccan startup, Nextronic produces its Infrared Thermometer.

Moroccan startup, Nextronic produces its Infrared Thermometer.

Moroccan startup, Nextronic has produced its first locally-made Infrared thermometer.

This development is part of the country’s effort to fight the current COVID-19 pandemic,

The engineering group proposed their design to the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, who gave them backing to produce up to one thousand pieces of thermometers per week.

The thermometers are in line with international standards and will be made available for a competitive price, as opposed to the imported thermometers currently sold for much higher price points.

Speaking on the development, Minister of Industry, Moulay Hafid Elalamy after the product presentation said, “These small tools have an extreme utility. We are “totally mobilized by [Nextronic’s] side so that the project moves forward.”

The minister, Elalamy further encouraged other Moroccans to innovate while assuring them that the state prioritizes support for local products of high quality.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country has imported all of its infrared thermometers.

The new invention would enable Moroccan public institutions and private entities to monitor the temperature of their staff using locally-produced equipment, hence mitigating the spread of the virus

This is not the only industrial effort by Morocco to battle the spread of Coronavirus. The textile industry instance has been producing face masks, head caps, and shoe covers, making Nextronic’s breakthrough an important addition to the mix.

“The sovereign’s orientations are very clear. We need to give the chance to Moroccans. Moroccans must be able to have their own abilities without depending on anyone. The ambition that [King Mohammed VI] has for the kingdom is enormous and it can only be achieved by children of the country,” Elalamy further stated.

Nextronics focuses on high-speed connectors, circular connectors, and embedded system components and solutions for telecommunication devices, data-communication devices, medical equipment, and industrial application.

Nextronic was founded in 2013 by Abouch Yassine.