Ghanian Health-tech, mPharma Buyout Nigerian Pharmacy Chain, HealthPlus

Ghanian Health-tech, mPharma Buyout Nigerian Pharmacy Chain, HealthPlus

Ghanian Health-tech startup, mPharma, has acquired one of Nigeria’s largest pharmacy chains, HealthPlus. This development was revealed by mPharma’s Co-founder and CEO, Gregory Rockson, in an interview with Journalists. mPharma is one of Africa’s leading health-tech.

mPharma had gone into contract with HealthPlus previous investor, Alta Semper, thereby owning the majority of the pharmacy’s shares which made the total acquisition possible.

While discussing his company’s recent acquisition, Rockson noted that the action is relevant to mPharma’s goal to create a healthy Africa where patients are provided with life-changing services as related to medicines and medical treatment.

In his opinion, mPharma’s move to acquire the Pharmacy chain is an expected extension to strengthen his company’s goal to expand its patient’s access to quality and affordable medicine and healthcare in Nigeria.

Speaking about access to healthcare in some Nigerian communities, Rockson said “mPharma is strengthening its long-standing commitment to Africa by rethinking primary healthcare in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Africa.”

He also added “We keep converting neighbourhood pharmacies into primary care facilities to offer everyone who needs it affordable and convenient healthcare so they can live not just longer but also healthier lives. We have high hopes for Nigerians’ access to healthcare in the future thanks to the purchase of HealthPlus,.

According to reports, it is mPharma’s Intention to grow and sustain HealthPlus’s status in Nigeria as one of the country’s and eventually the country’s leading Pharmacy brands.

The acquisition will open the pharmacy up to expansion opportunities within and outside the west African nation and give mPharma the avenue to push its Mutti pharmacy network across the Nigerian market.

The new leadership will see to a progressive operations system, exclusive software, and patients’ access to affordable drugs and health care services as it is now available across twelve states in Nigeria.