MTN Emerges Highest in Customer Satisfaction Rating, Ahead of Vodacom and Telkom

MTN Emerges Highest in Customer Satisfaction Rating, Ahead of Vodacom and Telkom

According to recent Analytico research, MTN has significantly higher customer satisfaction ratings among mobile data subscribers than Vodacom and Telkom. The ICT sector in South Africa receives reports, network intelligence, and marketing insights from Analytico, a research firm.

The most recent network quality study, which demonstrates that MTN has the finest mobile network in South Africa, was consistent with the customer satisfaction results.

The data used to create the mobile customer satisfaction rating report was gathered via MyBroadband’s mobile apps between January 1 and August 31, 2022. According to the study, MTN has an incredibly high customer satisfaction rating of 86% among people who use mobile data.

MTN easily beats Vodacom, Telkom, Cell C, and Rain, who received scores ranging from 73% to 55%. An intriguing discovery was that while Vodacom and MTN performed better among Android users than Telkom and Rain did among iPhone users.

MTN’s network quality rating of 9.75 was significantly higher than those of Vodacom (6.38), Telkom (4.96), Cell C (4.29), and Rain (3.87).


The customer satisfaction scores for MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, Cell C, and Rain are displayed in the image above. The weighted average accounts for the quantity of tests run on iOS and Android.

It should be noted that Rain’s ratings only take into account the performance of its 4G mobile network; 5G scores are not included because 5G services from Rain are only available as fixed broadband services.

The info comes in a period that have been characterized by telecom growth and stiff competition among South African telcos. Recent activities and events have pointed towards a telecom war that will advance fiber-optic and general internet connectivity to even low-income areas of South Africa. MTN is currently the second-largest mobile operator behind Vodacom, with 34.5 million members. Interestingly, the two largest mobile operators in South Africa are now looking to acquire shares in the two largest providers of fiber in the country.

Telkom significantly outperformed Vodacom in terms of customer satisfaction among iPhone users. For Android, the situation was different. The similar thing happened with Rain and Cell C; while Rain did better among iPhone users than Cell C, Cell C performed worse among Android users.