MTN Partners MIA Telecoms to Offer Tech Entrepreneurs New Revenue Streams

MTN Partners MIA Telecoms to Offer Tech Entrepreneurs New Revenue Streams

MIA Telecoms has been chosen by MTN Business to serve as its aggregator for the administration of new partners and resellers. Through this tactical alliance, MTN Business will expand its reach and give its new partners a better overall relationship experience.

With MTN’s market-leading mobile and connectivity solutions, emerging resellers may now quickly expand their range of services while generating new revenue streams.

Smaller resellers now have a big chance to provide goods and services from South Africa’s most extensive network operator, which is enormous.

According to Songezo Masiso, general manager of MTN’s SME and indirect channels, this collaboration is an invitation to resellers all over the nation to join South Africa’s top network.  Masiso noted that the agreement supported by MTN encourages entrepreneurship by enabling new resellers to go to market with a wide choice of MTN’s enterprise-grade mobile and ICT products.

“The partnership encourages entrepreneurship by enabling emerging resellers to go to market with a wide range of MTN’s enterprise-grade mobile and ICT solutions – which are all underpinned by South Africa’s best network,” said Masiso.

“It has never been so easy to become a reseller of MTN Business’s solutions.”

MIA telecoms
Songezo Masiso

He added that MIA Telecoms’ its vast network of resellers and dealers, as well as its industry experience, makes it the ideal choice.

“MTN Business chose MIA with its 23 years of experience as a telecommunications and automation wholesaler to provide efficient service and dedicated support to our new reseller network,” said Masiso.

About MIA Telecoms

A seasoned business telecommunications and automation wholesaler, MIA Telecoms, has a broad network of authorized dealers around the country who are specialized partners.

Mia Telecoms offers internet connectivity, data packages, VoIP, IP telephones, cloud PBX, call management, CCTV, power solutions, printing, network security, and cabling. The company specializes in unified communications, emphasizing small to significant business cost reductions over the long term and mobility and remote collaboration.

MIA has a vast network of franchised authorized dealers with a national footprint specializing in digital communications. In addition to regions in other Sub-Saharan African nations, it covers all of South Africa’s significant towns and cities.

MIA Telecoms CEO Bryan Driessel expressed his company’s gratitude for being chosen as MTN Business’ top aggregator partner.

“We will now provide MTN partners with fast, efficient service delivery – and very soon, an enhanced partner portal and billing platform, too,” said Driessel.

“We can now aggressively on-sell relevant MTN SME and enterprise solutions to our vast B2B dealer network and deliver MTN Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) products at highly competitive prices.

“Our combined expertise in the MSP distribution space has taken us to a number one market position, and this gives us the necessary environment to grow and enhance the MTN B2B product portfolio to the MSP market in a meaningful and efficient manner,” Driessel said.

Service Range for Entrepreneurs

MTN Business and MIA will be hosting a conference to announce the partnership to potential and existing Partners officially.

MTN’s Channel Partner Program is made to help partners sell to big businesses, the public sector, and big SMEs, opening up countless options for their companies and clients. It provides access to cutting-edge tech, valuable tools, and solutions to help channel partners take advantage of limitless prospects.

Additionally, partners get access to the most current, sector-specific knowledge from leading experts. As an MTN Channel Partner, partners will also have access to more than 200 international partnerships, enabling MTN Business to help companies expand locally and succeed globally.

The latest partnership with MIA strengthens MTN’s dedication to helping entrepreneurs transform their businesses.

Through increased efficiency, growth along your value chain, and access to cutting-edge, sector-specific knowledge and expert insights, the partnership will help the firm accelerate innovation. The Channel Partner Program from MTN Business exists to enable Channel Partners to realize their unique business visions.

Interested persons can Telecoms to learn how you can become an MTN Business reseller by clicking here.