Nairobi Becomes Home To Bolt Regional Hub

Nairobi Becomes Home To Bolt Regional Hub

Bolt’s Estonian mobility company has made Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, home to its head office in Africa. The calculated decision is said to strengthen the administration of its African offices.

The office, which is precisely located at Riverside Drive, will serve as the company’s cord to other African Nations where it operates, which includes Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Tunisia, and South Africa. With its Head Office now in one of the nations, it is expected that the company will further include more countries in its area of operations in the continent.

Bolt has found this decision to improve its growth in Africa, and a solid presence in its existing location, thereby operating seamlessly and strategically in Africa.

According to a statement made by Paddy Partridge, the Vice President for Bolt’s Ride, at the official opening of the Regional Hub and reported by “Capitalfm,” the decision is a strategic investment in the location and infrastructural development of the company. With Kenya second on the list of countries with the most developed startup ecosystem, Bolt is riding for development.

Paddy further noted that “Africa shares a lot in common, and Kenya acts as a great gateway to the region.” He also stated that the availability of infrastructure in the location, Nairobi, will enable the company to grow and penetrate the East Africa Region.

In reality, this decision means the top executives of Bolt assigned to oversee the different departments in Bolt Africa will have their work location at the regional hub. This should result in swift and precise operations in Africa.