Nigerian Eazipay Inc. Joins the Y Combinator W22 Accelerator Program

Nigerian Eazipay Inc. Joins the Y Combinator W22 Accelerator Program

Eazipay Inc., a Nigerian startup that provides payroll and bookkeeping services to SMEs and corporates, has announced its participation in the Y Combinator Winter 2022 accelerator program.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Eazipay designs Apps and APIs solutions for payroll and corporate taxes for small businesses and startups. With just one click, businesses can pay salaries, PAYE taxes, and other regulatory deductions.

Founded in 2021 by Asher Adeniyi (CEO) and Kingsley Michael (CTO), the platform helps businesses transition from processing payrolls and taxes manually or with an excel spreadsheet, direct debit, or through consultants, to a completely digitized format.

Before co-founding Eazipay, Adeniyi is a serial entrepreneur who founded Gidijobs, an online recruitment firm that connects job seekers to employers. Gidijobs has been involved in recruiting over 40,000 employees for clients across various sectors and industries in Nigeria. He is also the lead of Ripple Impact, a Human Resources Tech firm for employment solutions innovation for job seekers and employers.

Adeniyi has certifications in Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Model Thinking, Business Strategy, and Social Psychology. He is a recipient of the Mandela Washington Fellowship Award by the US Government for Young African Business Leaders

On the platform, users can send invoices and receipts and set reminders. Users can also receive payments to their online tax wallets or their bank accounts. Send money and manage online wallets.

Eazipay Payroll enables users to run payroll for 5 to 50,000 staff within 20 minutes. Process salaries, PAYE taxes, pension, insurance, and mortgages with ease. Receipts of taxes can also be issued.

The platform also offers simple bookkeeping for businesses where tax payments can be automated from cash inflows, with instantaneous invoices and receipts. Businesses can also recover debt faster with auto-reminders and make projections from revenue and expenditure trends. Businesses can also automate payroll outsourcing with Eazypay.

“We are so pleased to be a part of ycombinator W22 batch. This is an amazing opportunity and a chance to be better in our role to support the small businesses to do better. Stick with us on our journey to the top.” The platform announced via its Twitter account.