Nigerian start-up, Meeula launches smart business card for effective networking among professionals

Nigerian start-up, Meeula launches smart business card for effective networking among professionals

Meeula, a Nigerian start-up has launched a smart lead-generating business card to aid corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and business executives to effectively network.

Meeula was founded in May last year by Emmanuel Uduebholo to ease the stress of moving around with a paper business card by the executive. Meeeula allows its users to exchange contacts at events, conferences, meetings, or meet-ups with just a single tap.

“Instead of ordering paper cards over and over again, professionals simply use a single smart business card with unlimited benefits.” For starters, it saves professionals money by allowing them to update their business contact information at any time without having to reorder. The Meeula’s CEO, Emmanuel Uduebholo, added, “It also allows professionals to easily build an email list from contacts received.”

Uduebholo funded Meeula with revenue from his other start-up,, which he founded in 2019.

“It was during the marketing Mentorships. ng” one-on-one with professionals that I noticed how weak the paper business card was because I only get to give them cards expecting a response, which I didn’t always get, perhaps because they forgot or found it stressful to type in contacts and follow-up,” he explained.

“As a result, when I was looking for a better option, I discovered the smart business card to be very effective.” Not only that, but I saw a gap, a need, and an opportunity in the Nigerian market and decided to make it available to everyone.”

How it works

The Meeula Card is a Smart Social and Lead Generating Card that wirelessly sends your information to the phone. If you tap the card on compatible phones, a link will open up with your contact information. Ready to be saved to the phone – for older phones, there is a QR code on the back of the card.

Uduebholo said the initial response and reception have been very positive.

“So far, we’ve had incredible and growing responses and interest from the market we’re currently serving. We will be fully operational to serve corporate teams this year,” Uduebholo said.

“Right now, we’re marketing to existing business card owners, creatives, entrepreneurs, and corporate entities.” Our product also enables businesses to create corporate accounts for their entire business team to help them achieve their business marketing objectives.” He added.