Nigeria's Enov8 Solutions Launches visitor management solution, eVisit.

Nigeria's Enov8 Solutions Launches visitor management solution, eVisit.

Enov8 Solutions have launched eVisit to help oversee, track and monitor guests in their premises.

This is as a component of the endeavors to support governments and organizations understand a more secured condition post COVID-19.

Asides from the capacity to deal with the inflow and surge of guests on your premises, eVisit confirms guest’s data and keeps undesirable people from obtaining entrance into your premises.

eVisit replaces the old and obsolete paper and pen enlistment technique with a more digitized and proficient mechanical framework.

Stressing the requirement for organizations to embrace eVisit, Richmond Ogigai, the President of Enov8 arrangements restricted clarifies, they began by understanding the need to give valuable data through the normal register that is being utilized at the entryway zones of most associations.

In this way, they digitized the passage procedure, guaranteed that it is cloud-based and simple for representatives, clients, and occupants to do speedy appointments in under 20seconds.

With the danger of COVID-19, organizations have now started to understand the significance of organizing the wellbeing and security of their workers and guests while utilizing advanced developments and innovation.

Following individuals who may have been in contact with a COVID -19 patient is a test that eVisit tackles without a problem. It is done with highlights that gives a detectable and accessible database of guests who have been on your premises inside a specific time and date.

This data is significant for security and examination purposes as well.

eVisit assists organizations with leading significant and touch screening ventures for guests before they show up on your premises. It obliges Level IV Datacenter passage/affirmation forms, gives shrewd examination to Boss Security Officials, and guarantees workers welcome just individuals who have been enrolled on the eVisit stage.

eVisit is a cloud-based visitor management solution made to support corporate associations and living arrangements oversee, track, and monitor visitors on their premises.

To become familiar with eVisit, visit their site here.

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