Nigeria’s Jise Food Delivery App Raises $100,000 Angel Fund

Nigeria’s Jise Food Delivery App Raises $100,000 Angel Fund

Nigeria’s food-only delivery platform, Jise, has announced that it has successfully raised One hundred thousand dollars as angel funds from Europe and Africa.

Jise was launched in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 when food and groceries demand saw a spike globally. Jise has since leveraged the opportunity to offer a food delivery platform that provides swift and cost-friendly delivery services in Nigeria starting with Lagos.

Jise is currently been led by 4 co-founders including Marvelous Gbenro as CEO, Tokurah Majid as VP Growth & Operations, Ibukun Olasupo as VP Customer Engagement, and Jeremy Osazuwa Agbonze VP Technology.

In a statement released by the firm regarding the funding, it said: “Jise has gone live by signing up more than 40 restaurant menus on their platform first within the Lekki Phase 1 axis of Lagos.

“We hope to provide meals within 25 minutes to customers in this axis then gradually expand our community-based model starting with bicycle runners across Lagos in preparation for the holiday season.”

However, the firm revealed that following the covid-19 outbreak in 2020, the demand for food and groceries delivery services has increased around the world.

“This new normal has had consumers demanding a better food delivery service in Nigeria, Jise has seized this opportunity to provide a food delivery platform focusing on providing fast and affordable delivery services starting with Lagos,” the firm stated.

Speaking on Jise the fundraising, Leonard Lynch investor at Winston Capital said that Jise was the best team to invest in.

“At Winston Capital, we are always looking for the best teams to invest in and at Jise, we see it as a great opportunity to invest in a great team.

“We are delighted to continue to support the start-up ecosystem in Nigeria with our second investment on the continent.

The Jise team led by Marvelous is building the Just Eat or Doordash of Nigeria and we are excited to be part of their journey” said Lynch.

To access Jise’s service, users will need to download the Jise food app from the IOS and Google Playstore and select their favorite restaurant and choose their dish. The app would show the estimated delivery time and total cost.