Nigeria's Sudo Africa Gets Farida Kabri As New Head Of Growth

Nigeria's Sudo Africa Gets Farida Kabri As New Head Of Growth

It seems Sudo Africa is keeping to its mission of growth and expansion as the fintech company appoints a new Head for its growth department.

Sudo Africa has just made Frida Kabir Its new Head of Growth to help the organization meets its desired targets.

Founded by Kabir Shittu and Aminu Bakori, and launched in 2022, Sudo Africa is established to provide Developers and Businesses with a card-issuing API.

in 2022 March, Sudo was able to raise $3.7 million in pre-seed funding of which the organization stated it will be invested in the growth of the company and expansion to new markets.

Farida’s Portfolio

Farida Kabir, a policy and growth expert has acquired experience through the convergence of Policy and ICT, over the past 6 years. She started her career as technical support and data analyst at medical outfits such as the Centers for Disease Control, CDC, and others.


In years to come, Farida will become OTRAC CEO, therefore raising pre-seed funds to expand the organization’s operations, from Nigeria to South Africa. The expert went on to manage a portfolio worth $430 million at the World Bank Group, concerning Nigeria’s Identification for Development Project.

She is armed with experience from holding and managing various international teams, which will come in handy with Sudo Africa.

Sudo Africa Founders, Source: Techcrunch
Sudo Africa Founders, Source: Techcrunch

Farida X Sudo Africa

Joining the team, Farida will oversee the internal diagnostics of the organization in her first 100 days, this will be done to determine Sudo Africa’s growth chart.

Farida stated that the diagnostics need to be ran be for launching Sudo’s growth strategy, in terms of brand equity and revenue generation.

Given her expectations with Sudo Africa, Farida stated “I want to look back at the end of the quarter and see exponential growth. I’m driven by numbers and I want to see that we secure those numbers.”

Farida is also convinced that her experience in sub-Saharan Africa and her networking skills will come in handy in her new role. She intends to exercise her skill, bringing Sudo Africa’s growth to the desired height.