Opera launches its Chat Platform- Hype

Opera launches its Chat Platform- Hype

Opera is redefining the concept of mobile browsers as it announced the launch of its chat service Hype today. The platform which is built into its Opera Mini mobile web browser will provide users with a personalized, engaging browsing experience that enables seamless chatting, surfing, and sharing – without compromising speed or driving increased data consumption.

With this combination, Opera Mini becomes the first browser to coordinate a social platform that keeps users connected with others. This special mix is something that no other program offers.

Hype was first launched in 2021 in Kenya as a pilot market, and it is now showing amazing outcomes with more than 400k active users.

To help acquaint individuals with the idea of the platform and also aid in publicity, Opera has partnered with CELL C in South Africa to enable free daily browsing and chatting for those using the service.

The platform allows users to use and also create their own memes by editing already existing memes and font colors.

Hype also supports GIFs, to help users choose the one they want, GIF previews and full-screen views are also available.

Hype also allows users to get a glimpse of what a link sent or received is about as the platform comes with a link preview. The platform also supports snapshots, allowing users to save and edit pictures directly online before sharing with others.

To activate the Hype account, users should have an Opera Mini application. Users set up a Hype account by tapping the Hype logo at the bottom of the Opera Mini browser, or through the O menu.

Next, they choose their name and take a selfie or upload a personalized photo, which will become their profile picture and will be visible to other Hype users.

Once this process is completed, users sync Hype with their phone contact list to start chatting with others.