Paratus to Build OneWeb Gateway in Angola for LEO Satellite Services

Paratus to Build OneWeb Gateway in Angola for LEO Satellite Services

A gateway will be built in Luanda, Angola, by the Paratus Group and OneWeb as part of a multi-year arrangement that will go into effect in the second half of 2023. The gateway, which is the first of several planned for Africa, will reportedly offer low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite services to a number of the region’s nations.

The gateway will be operational in the second half of 2023 and deliver secured solutions to businesses, cities, villages, municipalities, and schools, even the most remote areas of several African nations.

According to Paratus Group CTO Rolf Mendelsohn, this agreement, along with the recent launch of the Paratus fibre connection to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the opening of the Paratus Group’s data centers in Zambia and Namibia, and coverage in every province of Angola, means that Paratus has the necessary infrastructure to provide a highly advanced network hub in Angola and one that allows for expansion outside of its borders.

“With this agreement, we are taking another giant step in realising our plan to use Angola as a communications hub for the region. Being selected as the preferred partner to install the gateway in Angola for OneWeb reaffirms our superior capability in developing world class telecommunications infrastructure in Africa,” he added.

The teleport will consist of 16 antennas and a network hosting facility, linking to OneWeb’s LEO infrastructure.

Joe Paciaroni, Director of Ground Infrastructure at OneWeb says: “When considering the size and persistence of the digital divide, and the connectivity barriers for businesses operating in rural or remote areas, the need for LEO satellite options are obvious. On a global scale, mobile Internet penetration is still only 50% and many of those who remain offline reside in Africa. By installing OneWeb teleports linked to hundreds of LEOs, we can bridge that divide effectively and affordably.”

“We have chosen to partner with Paratus Angola because the group is rooted in Africa; it totally understands and invests in meeting market demands; and because Paratus is committed to transforming African connectivity through exceptional digital infrastructure.”