Pick n Pay Selects AWS as Its Strategic Cloud Provider as it Migrates IT infrastructure

Pick n Pay Selects AWS as Its Strategic Cloud Provider as it Migrates IT infrastructure

Pick n Pay has switched over all of its on-premises IT infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). To complete the move and establish a contemporary SAP HANA platform, the store collaborated with Lemongrass Consulting, an AWS premium consulting partner with migration and SAP consulting expertise.

Eamonn O’Neill, chief technology officer at Lemongrass Consulting, stated that “forward-thinking companies” like Pick n Pay are modernizing their systems by shifting to AWS. He continued that the shift in technique is expected to result in cost reductions of between 45% and 75%.

Chris Shortt, chief information and technology officer at Pick & Pay, outlined how the store can use the cloud to increase operational effectiveness and enhance consumer experiences.

“Leveraging the cloud to achieve greater operational efficiency and improved customer experiences is a game-changing strategy for Pick n Pay and the South African retail sector. The cloud will help us stay relevant and accessible in a high-volume, low-margin marketplace that demands efficiency above all else. In addition, the new cloud-based business intelligence platform enables us to make even more data-driven decisions that can help us deliver lower prices and more value to our customers,” said Shortt.

The most complete and widely used cloud service in the world has been provided by Amazon Web Services for more than 15 years. As a result of continuous service expansion, AWS now offers more than 200 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, security, hybrid, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), media, and application development, deployment, and management from 84 Availability Zones across 26 geographic regions.

About Pick n Pay

Pick & Pay Group operates as a retailer in the dynamic consumer goods sector. The group conducts business under Pick & Pay, Boxer, and TM Supermarkets. The initial four Pick n Pay businesses in Cape Town, South Africa, were bought by our honorary life president and consumer advocate Raymond Ackerman in 1967. The Pick n Pay Group currently runs more than 2000 stores in various forms across eight southern African nations, including a 49% stake in TM Supermarkets in Zimbabwe.

To automate Pick n Pay’s operations, deliver real-time insights, and find and buy AWS Partner Network (APN) offerings, the company is utilizing AWS’s unrivaled cloud services, including computing, storage, databases, analytics, and business intelligence, as well as the AWS Marketplace. The retailer may estimate demand, analyze customer patterns and sentiment, and enhance both the in-store and online purchasing experiences for customers by analyzing data in the cloud.

Pick & Pay is able to flexibly grow its infrastructure resources in accordance with customer demand and the busiest shopping seasons thanks to AWS. Due to this elasticity, Pick n Pay is able to scale its AWS-powered online shopping services to accommodate thousands of South African clients during peak shopping seasons and public holidays.

About Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a software-enabled services provider, synonymous with SAP on Cloud, focused on delivering superior, highly automated Managed Services to Enterprise customers. Customers like Pick n Pay can migrate mission-critical SAP workloads, including SAP S/4HANA, and non-SAP workloads to AWS with the help of Lemongrass, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. Lemongrass also manages these workloads with the greatest levels of automation and agility. To transfer, run, and automate Pick n Pay’s SAP workloads, Lemongrass created a solution for them utilizing the Lemongrass Platform and its trusted templates and patterns. Pick n Pay also deployed AWS Application Migration Service (CloudEndure Migration) to streamline and hasten the cloud migration of 185 non-SAP applications.

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Chris Erasmus, Country Manager of South Africa for Amazon Web Services

According to Chris Erasmus, Country Manager of South Africa for Amazon Web Services, there is a fundamental shift in how consumer products firms manage their technological infrastructures and the company’s reliable network is providing access to this shift.

“Pick n Pay is the first South African retailer to join the thousands of customers that run SAP on AWS, using AWS’s reliable and scalable global infrastructure and proven SAP experience to provide key insights, drive innovation, and support the creation of new products and services. We look forward to working with Pick n Pay on its SAP and digital transformation strategies that will help speed the introduction of new cloud-based customer experiences like its mobile app, tailored shopping, and personalized offers that deepen the consumer relationship,” said Erasmus.