Play Sense, A South African Kids Learning Platform, Moves Online, Gets Funding From Enygma Ventures.

Play Sense, A South African Kids Learning Platform, Moves Online, Gets Funding From Enygma Ventures.

A company in South Africa called play sense was purposely made for kids between the ages of 2 to 3 years. The organization which was co-founded by Meg Faure and Lara Shoenfeld is a small home-based school for educating children in South Africa. The play sense has now turned into an ed-tech startup after making an amount of USD458 K in funding from a US-based VC firm called Enygma ventures.

The organization as of 2018, actually has 22 home-based schools functioning in the country. The organization which was founded in 2016, has now taken studies online because of the coronavirus outbreak which has hit the world so badly. The startup organization has now moved online by making all the necessary materials of the organization available online for people to access. The curriculum and preschool format including all that is necessary is now online for people around the world to get access to.

The Enygma ventures made their intentions known to help people who are willing to be an entrepreneur by starting something small especially women. A fund was launch a year ago to help such people. Lucky enough, Play sense is the first organization to have tasted the support from Enygma ventures in South Africa. Play sense can move their studies online as a result of the funding that they had from the Enygma ventures.

Commenting on the issue, Faure expresses how hopeful they are as they look forward to having an impact on the kids that will be available for studies. It was also added that this will meet the needs of parents as well and their programs can now be rolled out internationally due to the fund.

“This will meet the critical needs of parents and their little ones during this period of isolation,” she said.

“We believe that the way families choose to educate their children will be impacted long term and the choice of at-home or small group setting will become the norm of the future. This funding means that we can roll our program out internationally.”

A wife of Jacob “Jake” Dusek, and also a co-founder of Enygma ventures, Sarah Dusek also commenting on the development, express her excitement that she happy the kind of entrepreneurs they are working with.

“We are exceptionally proud of the entrepreneurs we are working with, that even amid this COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing amazing resilience, creativity, and ability to pivot their businesses and respond under pressure,”