Portchie becomes SA’s first Artist to launch Generative NFT Art Collection

Portchie becomes SA’s first Artist to launch Generative NFT Art Collection

Jan Hendrik Viljoen, aka “Portchie,” one of South Africa’s most well-known artists and possibly a household name in the art world, is breaking down barriers by becoming South Africa’s first artist to sell a collection of generative art through non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are sweeping the world.

Starting on August 25, 2022, a collection of only 1000 NFTs will be produced using a randomized digital generator.

“Art is something that brings joy to my eyes and mind and that makes life special for me. This project called ‘Cycling by the Riverside’ is very exciting because I’m not a digital artist, but I’ve been able to achieve something like that,” says Portchie.

Portchie collaborated with a group of innovators to develop a technology that would allow each NFT to be created digitally. This indicates that a lot of the hand-painted components and their modifications are each given the chance to be arbitrarily chosen and then integrated to produce a distinctive work of digitally made art.

Fans from all over the world can now instantly acquire the exclusive collectible thanks to a process called minting, which transforms digital data into crypto collections or digital assets. Instead of purchasing their NFT, fans can mint it.

About Portchie

After his first significant solo exhibition in 1991, where his work was sold, Portchie’s popularity grew. In 1995, he opened The Red Teapot Gallery, a studio where nearby art galleries in Stellenbosch, in the Cape Winelands, could purchase his work. begun.

Portchie’s artwork is known for its vivid colors, warped shapes, and blue trees, and has been called a “burst of joyful color.”


Over 1 million copies and more than 18,000 original paintings have been sold globally by Portchie since her debut. This NFT collection will exclusively include one-of-a-kind collectibles, as opposed to limited editions or prints, so you won’t be able to find any duplicate items.

Each NFT will allow its owner to redeem a high-definition print of their collectible, which will be signed by Portchie himself, in addition to holding the digital asset. A limited number of commission requests from people who want a painted replica of their one-of-a-kind treasure will also be accepted by him.

Visitors who want to be included to the Portchie whitelist are urged to visit Discord and sign up for the “riverside cycling” group of admirers and art enthusiasts and also subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here. On 25 August, a link will be added to the landing page, taking buyers directly to a link to mint.