Proptech Startup, Whose Your Landlord secures $2.1M from Black Operator Ventures

Proptech Startup, Whose Your Landlord secures $2.1M from Black Operator Ventures

The Nigerian-owned housing startup Whose Your Landlord (WYL) has raised $2.1 million in pre-seed funding, led by Black Operator Ventures (Black Ops Ventures).

WYL is a US-based multipurpose platform that empowers and appraises rental communities. Founded by Ofo Ezeugwu in 2015, WYL collects rental feedback and uploads them to a website for landlords. This platform allows landlords to keep track of how they are performing with tenants, the number of current tenants intending to stay, any other relevant information they may need.

WYL has raised $1.1 million in funding since established. Ezeugwu also increased revenue through brand partnerships with companies before launching WYL.

The platform currently charges an affordable rate of $2 per month to customers, with possible discounts for customers with larger contract volumes.

With its new funding, the platform intends to expand its feature set. One of the features would include natural language processing (NLP) to find trends in written reviews, enabling rental owners with a lot of units to parse incoming feedback better and naturally increase the quality of its services.

Black Ops Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Florida, United States. Founded in 2020, the firm put together $13 million from investors last year, intending to invest in Black founders, which it has started utilizing. Black Ops aims to create the most billion-dollar valued companies founded by Black people.