RiseBack Edtech platform offering Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Programs Launched for the African Students and Professionals

RiseBack Edtech platform offering Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Programs Launched for the African Students and Professionals

After successfully launching the Edtech platform, which offers students in the USA affordable college degrees in India and America, social entrepreneur Dr. Tausif Malik has now launched RiseBack for African professionals and students.

RiseBack is one of the first and only Edtech startups to offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The startup has partnered with top Indian universities to provide affordable college degrees to students and professionals in Africa and the United States.

Professionals and students can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees at reasonable costs without worrying about the high cost of education or student debt. RiseBack wishes to concentrate on providing students with affordable undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as these programs lay the groundwork for more lucrative careers and educational opportunities.

With RiseBack focused on leveraging globalization and connecting students with Indian Universities, Malik, noted that the expansion is a modest step in enabling students earn their future without Student Debt. He added that this increases their confidence to reach their higher professional aspirations, resulting to more disposable income stimulating economic activity.

Indian universities were founded by the UGC of India, and as a result, their diplomas are recognized around the world, allowing students to pursue both academic and professional jobs.

In addition to certificate programs, RiseBack also provides vocational and professional jogging, US Assessment Aide with Grading, employment aide, internship aide, consultation and acceleration devoirs for emerging students, and employment aide.

How RiseBack Operate

RiseBack is an Edtech platform where students can study, for undergraduate degree programs offered by Indian universities, such as B.A., B.Com., BBA, and BCA, as well as graduate degree programs, such as M.A., M.Com., MBA, and MCA.

RiseBack provides value-added courses that are either in line with their undergraduate and graduate degree programs or their professional goals. The lectures, tasks, and exams are given to the students directly by the Indian universities.

Over the years, Indian universities have produced extremely successful graduates who are CEOs of Fortune 500 firms, Noble Laureates, scientists, academicians, IT professionals, serial entrepreneurs, and investors.

According to Dr. Malik, this would be the ideal collaboration for Africa and India since everyone would benefit. Thanks to inexpensive smartphones, online education has grown in popularity since COVID-19. As a result, both professionals and students can sign up on the RiseBack platform to advance their careers. The African economy will grow more quickly if its workforce is educated and informed.