Safeboda, a bike hailing Company Launches In Ibadan.

Safeboda, a bike hailing Company Launches In Ibadan.

Safeboda tagged Africa’s 2-wheeler ride-hailing market leader has finally launched in Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital.

After months of planning and speculation, Safeboda’s orange helmet rolled in the city with a free first ride to everyone and smiles on the faces of the Okada riders.

The ban on Okada in Lagos state has seen a change of strategy with bike hailing companies and the choice of Ibadan, can not be wrong with Safeboda.

The company was launched in 2014 according to their LinkedIn profile by the trio of Rapa Thomas Ricky, Maxime Dieudonne, and Alastair Sussock, and has successfully operated in Uganda, Kenya and now Nigeria.

In a twitter post, the company listed UI, Ijokodo, Sango, Bodija, New Bodija, Agodi, UCH, Bashorun/Gate, Mokola, Jericho, Eleyele and Poly.

Locations where you can enjoy Safeboda in Ibadan

As this will be considered a smart move, the bike hailing company is expected to expand to more cities within Nigeria in the coming months.