SasaPay Unveils Cutting Edge Upgrade: SasaPay 2.0

SasaPay Unveils Cutting Edge Upgrade: SasaPay 2.0

Kenyan fintech company SasaPay has unveiled “SasaPay 2.0,” an innovative upgrade of its digital payment platform offering customers a host of groundbreaking features and services that are set to redefine the way Kenyans manage their finances.

One of the most notable features of SasaPay 2.0 is the ability for customers to earn interest on their transactions. This is a revolutionary step in the world of fintech, aligning financial activity with financial growth where every transaction, no matter how small, will now have the potential to yield dividends for users.

SasaPay CEO, Steve Kaguchia said; “With SasaPay 2.0, customers can engage in financial transactions without worrying about exorbitant fees, making it an attractive choice for individuals and businesses alike.”

The platform’s automation capabilities will streamline financial processes so that users can effortlessly set up standing orders, automate payments, and enjoy the added security of an escrow service.

Partnering with WapiPay, SasaPay 2.0 has introduced the first-ever US Dollar Wallet by a fintech in Kenya. The feature which is poised to open up new avenues for international transactions and commerce, will further solidify Kenya’s position in the global financial market.

The platform also offers a wide range of other financial services such as savings accounts, insurance products, and a streamlined loan facility. It employs artificial intelligence to conduct customer scoring before lending. This AI-driven approach ensures fair and efficient lending practices, opening up opportunities for individuals and businesses to access credit in a more inclusive and data-driven manner.

Kaguchia, expressed his enthusiasm about this new development, stating, “SasaPay 2.0 represents a major leap forward in the world of digital finance. Our aim is to empower every Kenyan with the tools they need to achieve financial success. With this platform, we’re making financial growth, security, and convenience accessible to all, while also leveraging AI to make lending more accessible and equitable.”

The SasaPay 2.0 innovative upgrade seeks to foster financial inclusivity by enabling interoperability with banks and other digital wallets. This means users can seamlessly transfer funds between different financial institutions and platforms, promoting financial fluidity and convenience.

This all-in-one approach also ensures that customers have access to the tools they need to secure their financial futures.