Saudi Arabian Game Publisher Sandsoft Commits $3.25 M Funding In Game Developer, The Tiny Digital Factory (TDF)

Saudi Arabian Game Publisher Sandsoft Commits $3.25 M Funding In Game Developer, The Tiny Digital Factory (TDF)

Saudi Arabian game maker Sandsoft Games has invested $3.25 million in mobile racing and motorsport game developer, The Tiny Digital Factory (TDF).

This backing adds weight to Sandsoft’s portfolio and will facilitate the company’s partnership on player-first mobile experiences in 2023 and beyond.

This collaboration will enable Sandsoft to publish TDF’s games throughout the MENA region, taking advantage of its localization and marketing capabilities to attract players from throughout the Arab world.

Managing Director of Sandsoft Games, Abdulaziz Alajlan said, “Investment in The Tiny Digital Factory is an important step in Sandsoft’s investment vision of facilitating gaming studios on their journey to become the leaders in the mobile and web3 gaming space.”

This will also contribute to Saudi Arabia’s positive impact on the global gaming industry, in alignment with the national gaming strategy and Kingdom’s Vision 2030,” he added.

Speaking on the new partnership, Sandsoft Games CEO David Fernandez stated, “The Tiny Digital Factory’s team has tremendous potential and we are excited to have the opportunity to help drive them forward. We’re thrilled to welcome The Tiny Digital Factory into the Sandsoft Games collective of game makers.”

“The Tiny Digital Factory also shares our philosophy for player-first web3 gaming, where any integration of blockchain needs to deliver unique value for players that can’t be achieved with existing technology. Our new alliance is an ideal match because both teams have the player and gameplay experience at the epicentre of our games,” he added.

Meanwhile, founder and CEO Stephen Baudet said, “Sandsoft Games is both a major investor in and supporter of global games industry growth and innovation. The team’s ambition enables us to be even bolder, braver and better in the talent and tech we allocate to bring stunning mobile games to new and enthusiastic audiences. We are singularly impressed with the AAA team in place at Sandsoft, and their player first philosophy which is ingrained in their company from top to bottom.”

Founded in 2017 by Stéphane Baudet, the company has developed expertise in web3 and digital ownership in racing games thanks to partnerships with F1 Delta Time and Revv Racing. The company is currently developing a new web3 racer, Infinite Drive, which includes an official partnership with Aston Martin.