SEACOM Partners British Telecommunication for Enterprise Cybersecurity

SEACOM Partners British Telecommunication for Enterprise Cybersecurity

SEACOM and British Telecommunications (BT) today announced a strategic partnership that will enable SEACOM to deliver new networking, security, and communications solutions to enterprise customers in Africa while also strengthening the security of its own infrastructure.

SEACOM will use BT’s services, vendor ties, and worldwide expertise to extend its offering of services geared at African businesses. SEACOM is a leading provider of Internet connectivity and is the owner of Africa’s largest ICT infrastructure. In order to improve its offerings and reach clients outside of its current areas, SEACOM has significantly expanded its customer and partnership base since the division’s business division was established.

With a global network of 24/7 Security Operations Centers, BT safeguards some of the largest organizations in the world against a variety of rapidly emerging cyber threats (SOCs). The more than 3000 cyber security specialists at BT assist clients in the detection, analysis, and prompt response of cybersecurity events as they occur.

Oliver Fortuin, Group Chief Executive Officer of SEACOM speaking, said that BT’s global reach and expertise will be combined with SEACOM’s global network and local presence. He also mentioned the firm’s eagerness to join forces, as their respective markets will benefit from the combined efforts.

Oliver Fortuin, Group Chief Executive Officer of SEACOM

“We’re excited to form this strategic alliance with BT and see the combined value of what we bring to our respective markets. With SEACOM’s global network and local presence, and BT’s global reach and expertise, we will be able to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of Cloud, security, and connectivity services that are reliable, scalable, and at the cutting-edge of industry,” said Fortuin.


The most well-known accomplishment of SEACOM is the launch of the eponymous underwater cable in 2009, which runs from the east coast of Africa across the Mediterranean Sea to Marseille, France. Since then, the corporation has expanded its coverage across Africa by launching a west coast counterpart, the West Africa Cable System (WACS) cable, and buying a number of terrestrial networks.

The company established SEACOM Business in 2015 to offer IT services to businesses in South Africa. Later, the unit’s reach was extended to other African markets, such as Kenya and Uganda.

SEACOM now seeks “to strengthen its offerings and serve consumers beyond existing areas,” as it has greatly extended its customer and partnership base in recent years.

Customers of SEACOM will gain from having access to the Cloud Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) platform from BT. Data, business applications, and users exist outside of an organization’s traditional network in the modern business world. SIEM tools offer real-time visibility and monitoring throughout the full IT environment of the organization, acting as the ideal security overlay for SEACOM’s current ICT solutions.