Seamfix Develops Personal NIN Service

Seamfix Develops Personal NIN Service

Seamfix, a software development company focused on Identity management, has developed a unique service to enable Nigerians to have seamless identification registration.

Coming up with its latest service, Personal National Identification Number(P-NIN), Seamfix intends to solve the problems people face when registering their identification number, mainly because it has become very compulsory in Nigeria.

The many problems associated with these identification processes could be a delay in registration or inputting incorrect data while computing the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) registration, leading to flaws and inconveniences. This problem is what the P-NIN is here to change.

Through the P-NIN, users of this platform can practically save time and avoid errors on the NIMC document.

The service is an added feature under the Verified Africa platform. This service will enable users to validate their NIN and confirm their registration and its details all by themselves.

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Addressing the new service, the Product Manager for Verified stated in the quote, “Having been in the ID registration industry for over 2 years now, we found out that during the registration process for a national identity number, there usually is a delay between the time of registration and the time of official approval”.

He further explained, “So the enrollee has to go back and forth to confirm their NIN status or sometimes, after approval, it turns out their record details such as first name and date of birth are misplaced. This usually causes chaotic problems for other instances where their NIN is required such as passport registration.”

The P-NIN will help people avoid these known challenges early to correct the issues as soon as possible.

The new Seamfix service is launching with the tagline “Swift Verification, Happier Customer,” reiterating that users can easily verify their NIN details with just two steps. They are making it one of the best ways to validate the information on the NIMC.