Seedstars Supporting The Support System With Seedstars Capital

Seedstars Supporting The Support System With Seedstars Capital

Often, it is quite surprising how support systems have arisen in the tech ecosystem. Various platforms have opened to set startups on the path of growth and acceleration. The likes of hackathons events, tournaments, and direct funding through venture capitalists and angel investors have greatly impacted the African tech ecosystem. Yet no one talks about supporting the support system.

To continue the supporting trend Seedstars has launched an investment platform to support more mature ventures. This is quite different from its usual target investment audience. Dubbed Seedstars Capital, this investment platform targets emerging venture capital (VC) and fund managers.

Founded by Pierre-Alain Masson, Alisée de Tonnac, and Michael Weber in 2017, the VC firm takes its latest launch a step further as it partners with Swiss-based Investment firm, Multiplied.

Over the past nine years, Seedstars have made about 81 investments in various companies active within 30 different emerging markets.

In the same vein, this is not Seedstar’s custom-investment initiative. In recent times the VC established various kinds of investment targeting various audiences. The platform has launched several investment programs such as the Women-led startup program, the 100 startup investment program, Seedstar’s African venture investment program and others.

Seedstars Capital is set to be unique in its own activities as an emerging venture capital fund engaged in pre-seed up to Series A stages is the focus of the initiative. Reports in quote notes, ” it  is an alternative investment platform specialising in emerging and frontier markets, which incubates, accelerates and invests in first-time and emerging venture capital funds ”

Whilst speaking about the decision to target in VC s and managers, Seedstar’s partner, Benjamin Langer, said “We believe the venture capital industry needs to be more open and inclusive and we find highly talented managers across emerging markets. Unfortunately, most lack the scale and resources to attract institutional limited partners and depend on local funding to deploy their strategies and create the impact they long for.”

Seedstars Capital has the tendency to create a ripple effect as investments in venture capital and managers will definitely find their way into startups which are predicted to have a positive effect on the tech ecosystem.