SendSprint Launches With Agenda To Connect Africa With Diaspora

SendSprint Launches With Agenda To Connect Africa With Diaspora

There is a new startup in town and it’s coming in big. SendSprint has joined the leagues of fintech startups as it recently launched in the united kingdom, UK. Starting out as an affiliate of one of Africa’s biggest fintech companies, Flutterwave, SendSprint is in the ecosystem to solve challenges customers face when it comes to diaspora financial transactions.

SendSprint launches with the agenda to enable its users in the UK and the United States Of America, USA, to send money to their family and friends in Africa. Its partnership with Flutterwave will enable it to process beyond border money transactions destined for Africa.

Over the years Africans sending monies to their loved ones in Africa has been although possible yet not so seamless, there are major leagues in this part of financial transactions, with regulations to comply with, yet SendSprint is coming in as an underdog willing to change the narrative.

SendSprint’s Plan

Many startups set out with different strategies to take over the industry and SendSprint is no different. This fintech has set a timeline of eighteen (18) months for itself within which it must have acquired a total of Three hundred thousand (300,000) customers of the 1.7 million Africans in diaspora, that is USA and UK.

To make this possible, the startup already launched two(2) products.

  1. Send Money: This product is designed to provide users with seamless money transfer transactions to African countries.
  2. Sprint Connect: This product connects Africans in the diaspora with retailers in Africa for the sole purpose of purchasing items/services as gifts for their loved ones on the continent. To make this possible, SendPrint is said to be partnering with about three thousand (3,000) retail outlets in Africa, such as Jumia, Shoprite, HealthPlus, FilmHouse, and many others. Families and friends can be sent gift cards from any of these retail outlets for various purposes.

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Starting Out

Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya have already been chosen as the kick-off center for SendSprint. It is said that these countries were chosen due to their economic status in the continent.

Users can now send money to any of the chosen countries from the UK or the USA.

Unlike the bigwigs such as Western Union, or MoneyGram which also offers beyond border transactions at a 5% commission transactions made, SendSpirnt plans to be more affordable. This startup will send money with a transaction fee of $5 flat.

According to SendSpritnt’s Founder and CEO, Damisi Busari, “The UK launch represents a significant step for SendSprint as we look to expand and connect people across the globe to their homes in Africa. We have ambitious growth targets which will be supported by scaling up our team across both product and customer service,”

SendSprint has its headquarters in the UK and has a formal presence in Nigeria and USA.