SFS Launches Mobile App Platform To Ease Investment Activities

SFS Launches Mobile App Platform To Ease Investment Activities

One of Nigeria’s leading Investment firms, SFS Capital, is about to become tech-enabled as it launched its mobile application to help its customers and prospective continue or initiate their investment journey with ease.

SFS Capital Nigeria Limited is one of Nigeria’s leading non-banking financial institutions. Launched in May 2011, this Institution deals more in portfolio and fund management, under which it is registered. The company also offer related to Investment Advisory with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”)

With an obvious decision to become tech-enabled, the company launches its mobile application called SFS Fund Mobile app, this is in monumentalization of the National Financial Awareness Day.

The launched mobile app will offer a direct and responsive interface,  with easy-to-use features, designed to deliver swift and secure transactions for existing and prospective users.

Managing Director and CEO, Patrick Ilodianya gives details of the event as he states the company’s intention to scale beyond the boundaries of traditional investment practices.“SFS Capital is consistently moving the boundaries of what is possible in investment. SFS Fund Mobile App is a product of a decade of learning to use financial technology to enhance investment factors and promote ease of investment”.

Since launching its Fixed Income Fund programme in 2014, the Investment house has consistently disbursed dividends to its investors on a quarterly basis. This has made it maintain an AA+ rating in its field. SFS now holds the Second highest possible rating for mutual funds, it also has a competitive rate on investment without pre-termination charges.

According to the Executive Director, Dimeji Sonowo, “The SFS Fund Mobile App is designed for individuals seeking a trustworthy, secure and easy platform for high yield investments. Interested Mutual Fund investors can download the app and easily begin their investment journey from anywhere”.

Features of the SFS Fund app

Investment and Liquidity: Starting from Five Thousand Naira (5,000) users can begin their investment plan on the mobile application, yielding interest immediately. 24 to 48 hours withdrawal after the investment is possible.

Interest rate: Through the mobile app, users can view interest rates which are updated daily on the dashboard. This feature is seen immediately after the application is opened.

Security: SFS Capital guarantee the security of its mobile app as the company itself is regulated by the security Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Every investment made, will be held by an independent and regulated custodian.

Ease: The SFS Fund Mobile App is designed to be easy to use and also available are various investing channels in the application. It is aslo developed to embrace various payment method,this includes Bank transfers, Debit cards, USSD codes.