Shatablee Raises $1.2M to Disrupt Egypt’s Traditional Home Design Market

Shatablee Raises $1.2M to Disrupt Egypt’s Traditional Home Design Market

Egypt-based interior design and home renovation startup, Shatablee has announced it raised a $1.2 million funding round. The round will help scale its operations to optimize and fully digitize the interior finishing journey.

Founded in 2021 by Moustafa Amer, Shatablee aims to transform the traditional home finishing process digitally. The startup’s unique solutions enable all Home Owners in Gated Communities to have access to a faster & easier journey yet cost-effective with various financial solutions under One Single Digital Platform.

Users can start by selecting their unit type within their home compound to browse through a gallery of multiple design packages, either premium exclusive to luxury. After that, they can then customize the designs for each space within their unit to their preference, choosing from various financing plans and submitting their order. Once an order is confirmed, Shatablee starts the build phase and completes the entire process in 90 days. Shatablee also enables digital payments, partnering with leading financial institutions, facilitating our customer’s financing solutions.

Moustafa Amer, the founder and CEO of Shatablee stated, ‘The sheer size and fragmentation of the market play to our advantage. As a result, we believe that Shatablee is best suited to address the asymmetries faced by customers as well as professionals in the market, be it the lack of financing, the prolonged time to deliver that may take up to 12 months, the limited price transparency, or the inadequate quality of houses created across many segments, especially within gated communities”.

Shatablee’s vision is to bridge the gap in the market by availing a shift towards off-the-shelf design & build packages with flexibility. The founder also added that the startup strives to deliver the best service to users.

“We at Shatablee leverage a wide base of suppliers that helps us source the best materials. Moreover, Shatablee boasts a top-notch team of designers, architects, and technicians, driven by the latest resource planning technologies, who work to demonstrably deliver the best quality and customer experience with reduced costs and time,” Amer concluded.

According to the founder, the capital raised goes towards empowering the company’s ambitious strategy and implementing its expansion plans across its home market.