Skrmiish, a South African Gaming Startup, Receives $2.5 million Seed Funding Round

Skrmiish, a South African Gaming Startup, Receives $2.5 million Seed Funding Round

Skrmiish, a South African-based mobile “play-to-earn” platform that enables gamers of all skill levels to profit from each match they take part in across the AAA+ games they enjoy, has just announced a $2.5 million seed round.

Among the investors in the investment round are Stellar, the Blockchain Founders Fund, and Launch Africa Ventures.

The platform allows users to earn real money in every match they participate in with the Skrmiish feature MoneyMatch, introduced in 2021. Users don’t need to wait for a competition or find a peer to challenge them.

Skrmiish is currently wrapping up a $2.5 million seed financing to help it expand its user base of more than 100,000 players spread over more than 100 jurisdictions worldwide. With the help of the seed funding, Skrmiish will be able to expand to North and Latin America, boost monthly revenue, incorporate more game titles, and introduce its cryptocurrency. It will also strive to hire a few crucial experienced people to strengthen the already talented personnel and keep the firm going.


According to Luke Grob, CEO of Skrmiish, these partnerships will speed the team’s adoption of the Skrmiish economic value system and contribute to developing a play-to-earn business model for the great majority of gamers globally.

What the Funding means for Skrmiish and Africans

NFTs have profoundly altered the structure of the gaming industry. Decentralization has steadily supplanted centralized control and dominance in gaming. As an alternative to typical centralized control servers, several NFTs development companies create excellent decentralized NFT Gaming services.

The gaming industry is today worth over $300 billion, and the quick rise of mobile gaming has attracted about 500 million new players to the industry over the last three years.

Decentralized NFT gaming: the future of gaming in Africa

The company is excited to launch its brand-new MoneyMatch function across several video games. By doing so, it intends to excite players all over the world and take casual gaming to a whole new level of excitement.

According to Zachariah George, managing partner of Launch Africa Ventures, Africa’s young population creates a significant opportunity for business owners in the entertainment and gaming industries. According to George, young Africans will be the top customers and content producers in the competitive video game industry by 2030 due to the world’s fastest-growing youth population and an upsurge in digital skills transfer and connectivity among the youth.

The Skrmiish team is in an excellent position to benefit from the sizable market for skill-based games. As a result, we can finally see the “democratization” and monetization of new gaming talent.

Due to this recent rise, the gaming business is gaining speed and attracting investors. In addition, platforms are springing up in new locations, and the market is growing, making gaming a sustainable source of money for players.