SolarAfrica And Starsight Energy Complete Historic Merger

SolarAfrica And Starsight Energy Complete Historic Merger
Photo by Chelsea / Unsplash

SolarAfrica Energy and Starsight Energy, two of Africa's leading renewable energy startups, have announced the completion of their historic business merger. This significant merger ushers in a new era, establishing the merged startups as the definitive pan-African clean energy platform. The merged group is poised to reshape the energy landscape across the continent by delivering on- and off-site renewable energy solutions to commercial and industrial clients.

The newly merged group is poised to serve a broad clientele spectrum, offering different cost-effective solutions that weave together power security and carbon footprint reduction. Helios Investment Partners ("Helios") and African Infrastructure Investment Managers ("AIIM") are supporting this transformative leap making the merger a possibility.

This merger is ushering Africa into an era of sustainable energy access. Customers across Africa can now access fully managed clean energy solutions that include solar energy, battery storage, wheeling, and energy management. The merged group keeps a close eye on these seamless systems, ensuring their dependability and effectiveness.

A shared mission is at the heart of this endeavor: to make power not only attainable but also affordable. This collaboration unlocks a web of efficiencies, allowing the group to guide even more clients on a transformative journey towards greener energy alternatives resulting in a comprehensive solution that not only meets power requirements but also lays the groundwork for a sustainable future.

What You Should Know About the Merger

Paul van Zijl, the Group CEO, in his remark, said "Sub-Saharan Africa's renewable energy landscape has seen its share of fragments. This merger elevates us, providing an authentic pan-African stage where clean, renewable energy takes the spotlight, illuminating key economies."

The merged entity's remarkable portfolio is a testament to its prowess: a dynamic fusion of 520 MW in solar power generation, 60 MWh of battery storage, and an impressive energy pipeline that eclipses 2 GW. Through these endeavors, the group has facilitated a staggering carbon offset, mitigating more than 360,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions to date.

Charl Alheit, Group Chief Investment Officer said, "This merger will enhance our current capabilities and allow us to deploy Energy and Cooling as a Service on a much larger scale. This is therefore a story of growth, not only for Starsight Energy and SolarAfrica but also for the renewable energy landscape in Africa."

The Group’s Current Market

In addition to key markets Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa, the group is working on imminent expansion into Tanzania and Uganda. To alleviate pressure on national grids straining under demand, these regions are poised to embrace a plethora of renewable energy solutions. Solar energy stands tall, complemented by battery storage and innovative cooling mechanisms—all with a shared goal of catalyzing sustainable growth.

The group will retain a strong presence in the various countries to further strengthen its footprint across Africa.

“We do not believe in a fly-in fly-out model and will have ‘boots on the ground’ in our geographies. Our country teams consist of dedicated in-country management and sales and technical teams who represent our ethos while being supported by the wider group management,” said Van Zijl.
“It’s important to have strong representation in each geography with teams who know and understand their markets and are passionate about transforming these markets into green energy hubs. That’s something both SolarAfrica and Starsight Energy have always had in common: We know that the people in our business have always been the reason for our success, and this new chapter will be no different,” Alheit concluded.

Starsight Energy and SolarAfrica are represented in the group executive management team, combining their expertise and experience. Paul van Zijl, assuming the role of Group Chief Executive Officer (formerly Group Chief Financial Officer of Starsight Energy), and Charl Alheit, now the Group Chief Investment Officer (formerly Chief Investment Officer for SolarAfrica), while Max Rieg assumes the role of Group Commercial Director (formerly Commercial Director of Starsight Energy).

The group will also retain its regional management structures, with David McDonald (Southern Africa), Emmanuel Ayifa Baah (Ghana), Ladi Sanni (Nigeria), and Rupesh Hindocha (East Africa) leading their respective regions.

Through this merger, SolarAfrica Energy and Starsight Energy now stand as architects of change, merging not just businesses but dreams—ushering Africa into a new era of power, promise, and sustainable prosperity.