South African Agritech Startup, Homefarm, Secures $104k Funding from CapaciTech

South African Agritech Startup, Homefarm, Secures $104k Funding from CapaciTech

The parent company of South African Agritech startup Homefarm, PixelBlue, claims to have raised R1.7 million (about $104k) in seed funding to enable customers, communities, and enterprises to grow more of their fresh food produce on-site where it is consumed. Investment firm, CapaciTech led the round.

Homefarm claims in a press release that anybody, everywhere can grow their own food thanks to its fully automated indoor farms and farming-as-a-service approach. All of its goods are created and produced in South Africa, and its systems are based on exclusive designs and technology.

The seed money, according to Homefarm CEO Currin, will help the startup expand its marketing and distribution networks, grow operations, and enhance service design. The company also sees chances to provide its farms to South African consumers seeking simple indoor farming systems that can supply their families, communities, and customers with fresh produce throughout the year.

CapaciTech CEO, Matthew Emanuel, had expressed confidence in the upward trend in the smart indoor farming technology area and noted the firm was excited to play a significant role in it.

“We are confident about the positive trend in the smart indoor farming tech space, and feel very positive about playing an active part in Homefarm’s journey. Michael and team have worked conscientiously to develop a portfolio of key technologies and products that will make a meaningful impact to a growing market,” said Emanuel.

Currin claims that Homefarm aims to enter international markets and points out that many areas worldwide lack a sufficient agricultural economy, making it difficult or expensive to distribute fresh goods. Places with extreme weather, or simply isolated, remote, or rural areas are some of these.

About Homefarm

Homefarm is a sophisticated indoor gardening and food-growing device launched by Michael Currin in 2017. Homefarm can grow a wide range of herbs, sprouts, grasses, leafy vegetables, and microgreens all year long from the comfort and convenience of home. It regulates environmental variables like water, humidity, temperature, and light to create the optimal condition within its sealed interior.


With crop calendars and recipes, the Homefarm app helps users along their gardening journey, ensuring an enjoyable, simple, and highly rewarding experience from seed to plate to harvest. Homefarm aims to ensure users are consuming these foods, improving their health, and making more environmentally friendly food choices. It also takes pride in encouraging people to cultivate the healthiest foods on the earth.

Currin believes that Homefarm’s “easily shippable and swiftly deployable systems” are a viable choice for small firms in these areas. This is necessary because orders for the company’s commercial product have already been placed on an international level.

With the Homefarm device, Currin initially catered to the demands of South African urban homes. Since then, the start-up has expanded its market and product line by offering indoor farming systems to companies and customers in urban and peri-urban settings.