South African Broadband Provider, Axxess, Launches 5G Service

South African Broadband Provider, Axxess, Launches 5G Service

The most popular ISP in South Africa, Axxess, has introduced its new Axxess 5G service, which offers speeds of up to 500Mbps for both residential and commercial connectivity. The most recent cutting-edge technology is ideal as a substitute for fiber in the home, a choice for a major business connection, or as a backup option for businesses.

By taking advantage of the company’s 3-day promise, which includes a SIM and router delivered within three days or an R300 credit to their account, users may order the Axxess 5G bundle and save time.

With the new service, users can easily plug and play a connection for your home or business without having to dig up your sidewalk or driveaway to lay cables.

“Your Home turns into an Axxess 5G hub with all your smart devices connected while offering limitless capacity for the entire family. Improve Business efficiency and productivity with the new service which has the capability of being your primary Internet connection.

“If you have a primary Internet connection, Axxess 5G is your go-to backup that acts as a failover, so you don’t need to fuss when you experience Internet downtime,” the company revealed in a statement.

Axxess broadband also allows users act as Business Partners to expand their company, gain market share, via its profitable collaboration that will provide them the chance to boost profitability.

Business Partners enjoy the comfort of no contracts and full control over timelines, allowing them to choose how and when to provide services to their clients. Without the red tape, they also get all the advantages of wholesale pricing.

What Axxess 5G Service Offers

Axxess has a deal available for users whether they are new to 5G or already have a 5G-compatible router. Three exciting 5G packages are available; they are the 5G Pro, 5G Pro+, and 5G Ultra, with costs starting at just R759 per month.

And while supplies last, users can purchase the highly regarded ZTE MC801A 5G router at a special launch price of R1,999.

“Make a significant impact on how you live, work, and play today with Axxess 5G and Level Up your Home and Business connectivity. Take your gaming, entertainment, and productivity to the next-level – the possibilities are virtually limitless.

“Whether it’s gaming, streaming, or whatever captivates you, with Axxess 5G you have a low latency service that levels up your experience with blazing fast connection speeds and reliable Internet – enjoy the convenience of a more stable connection.”