South African Fintech startup Ukheshe Expands to Asia-Pacific

South African Fintech startup Ukheshe Expands to Asia-Pacific

South African Fintech startup Ukheshe Technologies has announced its expansion into the Asia-Pacific region stemming from its introduction of an innovative digital-first payment solution.

Ukheshe has fostered an innovation platform that provides banks and telecoms SMMEs with moderate advanced banking and installment administrations, with customer obtaining, onboarding, and dissemination costs that are a small part of customary merchant accounts.

Ukheshe is able to provide a platform for over 2.2 million applications and processes millions of exchanges each month.

Clayton Hayward, the startup’s chief executive officer (CEO), speaking in the development said that the traditional banks and telecoms system in Asia have responded proactively to rapid disruption in the digital payments environment.

“Ukheshe aims to partner with local institutions by offering credible, agile solutions in an ever-changing market. Our payment technologies also solve the problems of expensive acceptance rails and carrying cash, particularly in markets within Asia-Pacific where digital wallets are expected to become the preferred online payment method over the next four years.

“With an increased need for cost-effective digital payment solutions, our value proposition delivers an integrated solution platform for merchants, aggregators, retailers, banks, and their customers”.

“We believe we can aid traditional players in re-securing some of their traditional flows by partnering with issuers and acquirers in a dynamic and constantly evolving environment. On the back of tremendous success in Africa, Asia-Pacific offers a similar opportunity to use our talent and experience to deliver world-class payment solutions” he said.