South African startup Trabel Launches its “NoPBX” Technology in Namibia

South African startup Trabel Launches its “NoPBX” Technology in Namibia

A partnership with TelePassport Communications has allowed South African company Trabel to offer its NoPBX PBX-over-GSM service in Namibia.

Utilizing only their current cellphones, any business can set up their switchboard, select their own phone numbers, and be operational in minutes using Trabel’s NoPBX platform.

According to Trabel, the name NoPBX refers to the fact that a business using the NoPBX system does not require any of the typical components for a phone system, including technical support, hardware, battery backup, technicians, and contracts.

“NoPBX has done away with all the complexities and most of the costs of owning a business telephone system,” says Anton Potgieter, MD of Trabel, the developers of NoPBX. “Moreover, it makes corporate level telecommunications now accessible to companies of any size, from a single user to tens or even hundreds of employees.”

NoPBX, which was launched in South Africa at the end of 2020, claims that it has experienced rapid growth among small and medium-sized enterprises (the “SME” market) since that time. It claims to have clients in all sectors, including agriculture and technology as well as hospitality, events, doctors, and lawyers.

NoPBX made the decision to collaborate with TelePassport Communications in Namibia, a reputable and long-standing provider of integrated communications solutions in that country. A full proof-of-concept phase, during which the technology was thoroughly tested on Namibian phone networks, was followed by the commercial debut of NoPBX in Namibia.

According to Potgieter, “The testing has been really satisfying, as the integration has produced excellent performance and call quality.

“The testing has been very satisfactory.  The Namibian networks, with which we need to interconnect and operate, are world-class, making integration easy to do, and resulting in superb performance and call quality,” said Potgieter.

TelePassport Communications MD Nadia Zilio adds, “This launch is the culmination of over a year of effort by all the parties. We are very excited to be able to bring this revolutionary product to Namibia and are really looking forward to providing new and exciting business telecom offering to Namibian businesses.”