South African Tech Startup Launches Full-Service Funeral App

South African Tech Startup Launches Full-Service Funeral App

The Johannesburg-based tech startup has launched Sendoff, a full-service funeral app that provides a service that assists users in managing and arranging funerals.

Sendoff is an online application created by Zolani Matebese who is also the president of Sendoff, the tech digitizes the whole experience of burial services and claims to be the world’s first full-administration advanced burial service arranger.

Sendoff was created to remove the burden of planning burials off bereaved families. The application offers users a simple-to-use platform, offering an assortment of burial service-related administrations.

Matebese in a press statement said that the application plans to help those with have lost a friend or family member or companion arrange funeral processes.

In his words, ” The existing way that people arrange funerals is broken. We don’t like to talk or even think about death. But what do you actually do when someone dies? Most people don’t have any idea. Unfortunately, if you have just experienced a bereavement, it is the worst time to start finding out.

“We constructed the Farewell burial service application to digitize the whole interaction of masterminding a burial service. From masterminding a friend or family member to be gotten from home or medical clinic whenever they have passed on, to picking a coffin or urn, blossoms, transport, catering, you can do everything through the application. The application additionally has agendas itemizing every one of the means expected to appropriately design a memorial service and connections to our site with an abundance of information around how to do anything identified with a burial service.”

Likewise, users can send roses or groceries to bereaved families or companions through the application.

Thabisile Sethaba, the COO of Sendoff clarifies that the tech startup has banded together with a few memorial service-related organizations to offer head assistance to its clients.

“We work with a determination of completely confirmed accomplices and utilize attempted and tried venture the board standards to ensure the memorial service goes off easily. You can consider Farewell the “Uber Dark for burial services”.

Right now, the Sendoff application is accessible for use in Gauteng on the Google Play store, it, however, plans to expand its offering to Apple iOS and Huawei App Gallery from 5 June 2021.