South African Visitor Management Startup WizzPass acquired by FM:Systems

South African Visitor Management Startup WizzPass acquired by FM:Systems

Johannesburg based visitor management startup WizzPass has been acquired by US digital workplace solutions firm FM:Systems.

WizzPass was founded in 2015, the startup focuses on improving the often manual and insecure processes and systems involved with traditional facility visitor management. Its visitor management system revolutionizes the experience, security, convenience and safety of visitors to offices and other buildings, creating improved communications and interactions between businesses and their visitors. Since its inception, the startup has been able to service blue-chip companies at over 300 locations, across four continents, processing over 10 million secure events.

Bradley Hornby, co-founder of WizzPass speaking on the acquisition said that he sees great potential in joining force with FM:Systems.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we join forces with an outstanding company like FM:Systems,” said Ulrich Stark, co-founder of WizzPass. “This will facilitate exactly the kind of valuable workplace solution combination our customers have been asking for.”

“We see great potential to jointly drive innovation and market expansion with FM:Systems, continuing to bring an incomparable full realm of unique digital workplace solutions to market together,” said Bradley.

Kurt von Koch, chief executive officer (CEO) of FM:Systems speaking on the startup said that was excited to build on WizzPass suite of solutions and will welcome her customers.

“This acquisition deepens our offerings in visitor management, which is an important aspect of delivering productive, safe, and enriched workplace experiences. With customers that include many marquee companies, WizzPass is recognised as a leader across the industry. We look forward to welcoming and continuing to support existing WizzPass customers as part of the FM:Systems family,” he said.