South Africa’s Patient Health launches Afrinurse for African Nurses

South Africa’s Patient Health launches Afrinurse for African Nurses

South African Healthtech startup Patient Health (Pty) Ltd has launched Afrinurse, a platform dedicated to supporting and connecting nurses across Africa.

The Afrinurse digital platform was created by Sylvester Msuthwana to provides nurses in Africa access to mental health tools that is supported by a booking portal that connects nurses to psychologists and other healthcare professionals online.

The platform also has an educates nurses by enabling them access informational videos that provide insight into the management of infections, symptoms, vaccinations, and other relevant healthcare topics.

Afrinurse also has a built-in job board, where nurses can find jobs and also post their availability to work, and a financial advisory feature is available on the platform and provides users with access to financial advisors and debt managers.

Msuthwana the founder of Patient Health speaking on the new platform stated that the platform aims empower nurses across Africa.

“With this platform, we take care of the overall wellness of nurses, mentally, physically, and financially, by giving them an easy and secure platform to access verified professionals online. We also empower nurses by giving them access to practical, verified information while virtually connecting them to each other.

“With the ‘Nurse Hero’ feature, first-time nurses can be celebrated for excellent service by patients and doctors through a rating and rewards system. Nurses can communicate with one another with the ‘Ask a nurse’ function to transfer knowledge and skills to other nurses across Africa.

“With the global pandemic impacting the global healthcare sector, nurses have been labelled as the unsung heroes of the medical sector with many working overtime to save lives. Afrinurse aims to provide the much-needed support that these brave and hard-working individuals require”.

Msuthwana pointed out that Africans need to stand together and work towards the greater good of the continent as a whole, by rendering needed support to all nurses.