Spatialedge Acquires Cape AI to Boost AI Solutions across Africa

Spatialedge Acquires Cape AI to Boost AI Solutions across Africa

Cape AI has been acquired by Spatialedge, an AI solutions provider with its global headquarters in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

With a focus on helping businesses quickly develop and operationalize reliable machine learning solutions, Spatialedge is a provider of big data and applied machine learning solutions. By giving them access to a toolset of engineers, data scientists, and proprietary and open-source software, it enables enterprise data science teams to offer better business value more quickly.

The goal of Cape AI, a South African-based tech startup, is to assist businesses in expanding by empowering them to use artificial intelligence (AI) to make wise decisions. In order to become a significant player in the market for AI solutions, Cape AI founded, nurtured, and spun-out numerous AI startups.

Retief Gerber, co-founder and CEO of Spatialedge expressed excitement on the acquisition while noting that the deal was a great achievement for both Spatialedge and Cape AI.

“Spatialedge has grown from five engineers to over seventy in just four years, while market demand for working AI solutions continues to grow.  It has been our objective to find ways to scale faster so that we can meet the growing demand.  As part of our future growth strategy, we intend to engage in a number of mergers and acquisitions, and we already have a few more deals in the pipeline.  The acquisition of Cape AI has allowed us to scale and acquiring them is just the beginning.”

“We are on a mission to build the best specialised data and AI business in Africa, Europe and beyond.  Whenever a company wants to invest in AI, their options are to either go for the non-specialised offerings or one of the many small players.  In the end, this often results in non-performant and lacklustre solutions.”

“Only by putting together a high performing organisation specialised in the artificial intelligence lifecycle, from implementing solid data pipelines to rapidly rolling out new use cases, can we transform organisations and bring them into the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

As part of the acquisition, Cape AI will be consolidated into the Spatialedge business.